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UpstateCobraGuy 12th April 2018 18:37

US MX250 build
Back story, last year I imported two Tribute kits to the US. I planned on fitting the D-type body to a Factory Five Racing Cobra frame first, but the perfect donor popped up in my Facebook feed and like a moth to a flame, I could not resist!

Here's what $450 US, got me...

1992 1.6 with 126K with a clean title

Almost zero rust and for the Northeast, that is quite rare!

The damaged occurred when the guy's wife hit someone, and then he hit her. Not surprising, they're now divorced :nod:

So it begins...

Barber 12th April 2018 19:00

At least the car only has surface damage. ...... I'll get my coat....

landmannnn 12th April 2018 19:58

It must have lived further south for much of the last 27 years, the salt on the roads in the NE states is worse than the UK.

molleur 12th April 2018 21:31

Good score!

Should you have a chance, please send me a PM tomorrow morning sometime.

UpstateCobraGuy 20th April 2018 15:49

First steps...
I work a Career and Technical High School, I'm having one of the programs I work with awake the Miata from its slumber. They reinstalled the radiator and hooked up a battery and she fired right up.

molleur 20th April 2018 17:36


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