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clinkadink 7th June 2019 10:23

Fitting the number plate lamp and lock. Taking shape.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 10:30

Back to the bonnet, need to cut out the air scoop. First drill loads of holes ...

I used a mini hack saw to remove the rest ...

Then filed down and sanded the rest ...

Happy with the result so far ...

clinkadink 7th June 2019 10:50

Next, the overriders. I purchased from Brasscraft. All the bits, including tube, bolts, for both front and back came to 252.

I had to make a mount for the front overriders to bolt to. These were fibre glassed in from inside the bonnet.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 11:42

Next fit the overriders to the rear. No need to make mounting plates. The bolts slide through the body and onto the rear BMW chasis.

I tried to demonstrate this in the diagram below.

One on, one to go ...

clinkadink 7th June 2019 11:54

This is where I realised I made a 'newbie error'. The body was by no means prepped to an acceptable standard, so I had to remove all the lights and fittings.

I gave the body another rub down with 600 and then 1200 grit wet and dry. Then applied a layer of filler spray. Not sure if this is 'accepted practise', but I find it does help smooth out and remove those minor imperfections.

The body is now looking flatter ... if not a little too yellow for my liking.

After another rub down with 600 / 1200 grit ...

I applied the grey primer, much easier on the eye ...

clinkadink 7th June 2019 12:06

It is August 2017, 10 months since I started on the build (but 3 months of work).

I convince myself that as I have successfully got this far in the build, unassisted ... I can try my hand in spraying the top coat too.

[Spoiler alert ... 2nd mistake looming]

I mask off the car (but nothing else in the garage!) in preparation for some colour ...

I thought it best to test my spraying skills first on the underside of the boot lid ...

To be fair, it looked OK to me. Good enough to continue.

[Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but foresight is better!]

clinkadink 7th June 2019 12:11

I did toy with the idea of excluding my mistakes from the build thread (I am sure its only natural), and showing you the 'happy path'. However, I am purposely including them so that any other newbie may be able to learn from my mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, I am not proud of them. But, I have learnt from them. I now know my limits, and when to run ... when to walk.

Anyway, back to the build ...

clinkadink 7th June 2019 12:38

I used a 50L 'hobby' compressor to spray the car <-- a big mistake :frusty:

From a distance (with squinty eyes) it doesn't look bad for a base coat ...

But on closer inspection, there are imperfections all over the body.

This was because:
  1. My compressor was not powerful enough, it failed to atomise the paint consistently, and instead, randomly 'spat' the paint onto the body
  2. I am newbie without the proper skills or knowledge for such a task
  3. Several other factors that I am still blissfully unaware of

clinkadink 7th June 2019 12:48

Of course, I shouldn't have attempted spraying my car. I know that now. I guess I wanted to the do the whole build myself. Like I said, I know now where to stop, and pass it to a professional.

Anyway, I had to sand the whole car down again :mad2:

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:02

Still not prepared to throw the towel in, I swapped out my compressor for a 100L one, still questionably on the low side for spraying - but all that funds would allow.

I mask her off again, and try again ...

What I didn't appreciate, but swiftly learned, is how much space you need to spray a car. I am sure this sounds daft, but it was all new to me.

I certainly could do with more space and a better 'dust free' environment.

But the paint was flowing nicely with the new compressor, the finish looking better ...

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:15

And that is how the car stayed for 21 months. I could provide lots of excuses .... work, life, chores, family ... but really, I just got distracted.

2018 came and went. Started to feel guilty around Spring 2019 and finally made my way back into the garage last month, May 2019.

I took the masking off and drove her out of the garage to inspect my handy work nearly 2 years prior. I experienced a 'moment of chuffedness'.

The paintwork is significantly improved from my first attempt. But, to be fair, its not perfect. And I want perfect. I decided (2 years too late) that I need to get her professionally sprayed. But the MoT has lapsed, and I want to be sure there's nought wrong with her, before investing in a spray job.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:32

I cleaned her up, and refit the lights and fittings, and take her for an MoT. I failed on corroded rear brake pipes. I had them replaced and it then passed.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:39

Like the original AC Cobra, I wanted a chrome windscreen surround. I probably should have waited until after the spray job, but decided to do it anyway. The chrome wrap was purchased from ebay for about a tenner.

Also fitted the chrome roll bars behind the seats ...

In this last photo, you can just make out some paint fogging / orange peel on the rear drivers arch. There are a few patches like this. Evidently, I need more practise with the spray gun. But for now, the spray shop will deal with this.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:46

Continue tarting up the fittings. The wipers arms were black, I clean them up, sand them down, prime them and give them a few coats of silver.

Refitted with the new chrome wiper blades of ebay, 20 a pair.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:48

Before and after "cut and shut" ...

clinkadink 7th June 2019 13:58

The Kobra is taken for its MOT, fails on a rear brake pipe being corroded (common on these). I fix it, retest it, it passes!! Yay!! :surprised:

I drive it to the spray shop, have a chat, he laughs at my spray job. I decided against saying "Bob up the road sprayed it for me". It gets booked in for a couple of days time.

I have chosen a similar colour to as it is now, but a little lighter, metallic blue with the 2 white stripes. I provided him with a few reference photos to use for the colour scheme.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 14:16

The bit i've been dreading. The louvre vents.

First I make a template ...

Using 30mm aluminium strip, B&Q @ 6, a vice and panel hammer, I make the vent surround ...

I then cut the louvres using the same 30mm strip ...

I tack them in (temporarily) with a hot glue gun and realise the louvres are too narrow ...

I loosely slot them into the vent hole to check their fit anyway. Not bad, but not good enough ...

Back down to B&Q, I purchase the 45mm alloy strip, cut and fit. Much better ...

Check how they look offered up to the car. Getting better ...

I replace the hot glue with araldite to fix the louvres permanently (hopefully). Then clean with wire wool, prime and spray with chrome paint ...

Not bad. But I am not happy about the inner joins. You can see a little glue (above). Will have to sort that.

clinkadink 7th June 2019 14:39

Today, Friday 07th June 2019, the car has now been in the spray shop for 2 days. I collect her next Friday.

Then, I will fit the MWS wire wheels and spinners.

Paul L 7th June 2019 15:41

I've enjoyed your 'Binge Watch' build thread approach. :cool:

I learnt a lot from reading about other people's mistakes.

And I'm sure that others learnt a lot from my (many) mistakes. :rolleyes:

However, I wouldn't beat yourself up for having a go at painting the car.

I know my paint finish is rubbish, but it is my rubbish. :icon_wink:

Hope all goes well for you in the professional paint shop.

Good luck, Paul. :)

clinkadink 7th June 2019 15:56

Paul, thanks for feedback. I will keep trying with the spraying, but maybe start on my son's bike next time :)

I can't wait for the phone call saying "Your car is ready to collect". Seven days and counting. Once done, i'll update the build thread (in real time!).

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