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clinkadink 18th June 2019 23:04


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 100935)
I tried 215/75x15 on my 250 and they were too large, I then tried a 215/70x15 with the same result.
Went to 215/65x15 and they were perfect.
75 profile will catch the front suspension spring pan. 70's were marginal but looked wrong and caught the trailing edge of front wheel arch when opening the bonnet.

Your wires look as if they have more offset than mine. I did fit a set with more offset but they were going to hit the wheel arches and damage the paint. I think you might have to go to a 195/65x15 to stand any chance of getting them to clear the arches.

Grill looks great but very hard to find anyone who will chrome plate aluminium. You may be best to have it polished, a good polisher will get it looking almost like chrome but for a fraction of the price of having it plated.

Yes, mine were catching the arches. I am hoping that the new set of tyres will be OK. They are narrower with a lower profile.

I have already had 2 companies respond saying they cannot chrome plate alloy. I will look into polishing now - thanks for tip.

clinkadink 18th June 2019 23:08


Originally Posted by Barber (Post 100940)
For weight and longetivity, wouldn't allyalloy tubeing be better than steel rod?

I shouldn't have said rod, as its a hollow pole - it weights next to nothing. I have already bought uprated SGS struts for the bonnet too, to take the extra weight of all the brightwork.

clinkadink 22nd June 2019 19:37

Finished and fitted the grill today. I used Mothers Mag and Aluminium polish. Thanks to Jaguartvr for the idea. A little wet and dry, some wire wool and then the paste - it came up good.

clinkadink 22nd June 2019 19:38

clinkadink 22nd June 2019 19:38

clinkadink 22nd June 2019 19:40

I am chuffed with the way it turned out ...

clinkadink 22nd June 2019 19:41

On to the side vents tomorrow.

Barber 22nd June 2019 19:49

Great result, well done

IanA 22nd June 2019 20:09

Good luck with the new tyres, Chris.
We followed a lowered BMW saloon with wide tyres through Oxford today. The OSR tyre was smoking where it was rubbing on the bodywork. Surprised he couldn't hear or smell it- we could.

clinkadink 22nd June 2019 20:12

Thanks Barber!

Cheers Ian. Lets hope I won't be doing the same with new set.

Paul L 23rd June 2019 08:44


Originally Posted by clinkadink (Post 100995)
I am chuffed with the way it turned out ...

And so you should be, it goods stunning. :cool:

Good luck with the side vents and new tyres.

clinkadink 23rd June 2019 20:12

Cheers Paul. The tyres are due tomorrow (fingers crossed). I was meant to do the vents today, but ended up replacing the Z3 passenger seat with the new bucket seat.

Found 2 quid under the seat :wink:

I had to adapt the BB Classic runners to fit the Z3 holes. That took a while. The first attempt was no good. I forgot to take into account the seats need to be offset to the base. Otherwise the back of the BB Classic buckets don't sit central to the curved recess behind the seat. Second attempt resolved this.

I have 4 point harnesses to install and wanted to utilise the existing seatbelt, located inside the rollbar cluster. After a lot unscrewing and head scratching. Certainly a lot of faff for one bolt :icon_rolleyes:

DaveP 24th June 2019 00:16

The Kobra is looking very nice indeed. That front grill looks the biz. How did you affix it to the inside of the opening ? I sikkaflexed plastic plates for cable ties with mine which feels a bit unprofessional. I also have a black mesh directly behind mine to hide any poor workmanship hidden further under the bonnet.

My grill ... front straight on by Muddy_B, on Flickr

Be interested in seeing a more detailed pic of the amended runners if you would be willing to share. I have considered those seats but not visualised how to fit them. How have you fooled the Zed that there is no bmw seat and therefore the airbag sensor(s).

Keep up the inspiring pics and updates


clinkadink 24th June 2019 07:35

Hi Dave,

My grill doesn't sit behind the opening, but inside it. If you look at the photo below, you can see the shadows of the bottom of the grill inside the opening. Check out post 118 for detail.

I have used pipe for the 4 horizontal slats of the grill, then fixed 2 bolts from the inside to either end of the 2 centre pipes. The ends of the pipes were filled with JB Weld, then tapped for the bolts to lock in to.

Initially I tried to fix the grill to the car, not the bonnet. It worked, as long as I never needed to open the bonnet again :doubt: The front spoiler on the bonnet caught on the grill when I raised the bonnet. That's when I decide on fixing it to the bonnet (as shown above).

Your Kobra does look awesome. I love the 'purist' look. Stark and minimalistic ... very nice. Fixing the grill behind the opening works well. I am not sure that my approach above is any more professional. At the end of the day, passers by will not see the silaflex (awesome stuff by the way).

I will take some photos of the modded runners and post later. I haven't even thought about the seat belt sensor yet - but will.


DaveP 24th June 2019 18:15

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback on my red one. I like the clean lines of it and wanted something more 289/Ace ish. Didnít quite achieve that but close enough.

Ingenious way of fitting your grill. Well done.

Looking forward to next update


clinkadink 24th June 2019 21:21

The tyres never turned up today, as promised. This is the second delay from They were due last Friday, they told me DPD will deliver on Monday (today), but nothing arrived. I called them up, spoke to a different person, and they said they haven't left the factory. I cancelled the order and found some local. Should have done that first.

I ended up with Michelin 205/65R15, and the good new ... it drives perfectly. No rubbing on the arches on full lock and bumps. Nothing :dance:

The previous 1 week old set of 4 x 215/75R15 on now on ebay.

The tyres fit the arches with a nice amount of room, giving it a more understated and classic look.

clinkadink 24th June 2019 21:28

I removed the fitted passenger BB Classic seat, now I know the dimensions are good, and welded the 40x20mm bars to the runners. Until then they were bolted together, which seemed solid enough ... but better safe than sorry.

DaveP - hope this help visualise what's needed. You will see below gaffer tape covering the first holes I drilled. This was before I realise the chairs need to mounted offset to the runners. I don't mind about the gaffer tape, as these bars will by carpeted.

Jaguartvr 24th June 2019 21:32

Tyres look much better

clinkadink 24th June 2019 21:32

DaveP or anyone else wanting a template with measurements, please see below. Between the photo above and the diagram below, hopefully it all makes sense.

Note: this is for the passenger seat. Just reverse the image for the driver seat.

IanA 24th June 2019 21:34

Small difference in tyre size but a big difference in looks. Nice one.
As DaveP said- more 289-ish.

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