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Nostromo 30th November 2016 12:11

Nostromo's MRS200
Hi all, about four months ago at roughly the same time as I was buying a house, I decided to bite the bullet and order myself an MRS200 kit and buy a half decent little MR2 to stick it to... much to my wifes dismay. This is my first go at a kit car and I assumed (naively) it would be a nice introduction into the world of building a car. I'll admit, theres a lot more to it than I originally imagined and it all seemed so simple when Andy described it over the phone! I haven't done a great deal to it as yet due to decorating and other duties that she feels are more important :tape: So, below is a brief rundown of where I've got to with pictures n'stuff. I'll do my best to update as and when I manage to do something but as I say, progress is slow. Especially as there doesn't seem to be any other build threads for this model that I can copy from! :rant:


The donor being collected. Managed to get a facelifted average miler with a non smokey engine! Facelifted model was essential so that I could get a decent return on bodyparts. This way, I could justify it to the wife that little bit easier.

Not wanting to waste any time, the donor began being stripped the moment it got on my driveway! Its pretty much a meccano set. Everything was soooo easy to remove apart from the soft top which ripped! :rant:

Front end off

Rear end off

Basically something from Mad Max now

Bits to sell plus lights, vents etc...

Collection and transportation of a hard top which turned out to be the noisiest and most terrifying 30 mile drive of my life. Kept imagining it leaving the roof and taking out a biker.

Resting the kit on the car

It all seemed to be quite a good fit.

Nostromo 30th November 2016 12:11

Started off with some simple bits. Cutting holes and vents, mostly by hand with a pad saw. I didn't fancy using power tools on it as I was worried about shattering any of the fiberglass with the vibrations. Apart from the round holes that is. Have also set about rubbing down the mould lines and just trying to get it smooth(ish). Removing all of the yellow waxy stuff has been a bit of a mission too!

Cutting the roof away from the rear section was terrifying!! Again, all by hand.

Dug these out of the recycle bin at work as they have what I reckon will be a big enough footprint to make something to hinge the rear clam off of the hard top.

Got hold of some old skool Konigs (for 60!!!! :icon_razz:) which ought to look pretty good. Not sure whether to go white or bronze.

I've bought quite a few other bits and pieces for it - lights, rose joints, new cat, little engine mods. Theres probably more but its all up on a shelf which I can't reach to dissuade me from working on the main bit which is to get everything fitted right. The plan will be to build an exhaust so it can be really flipping noisy. It will literally be all show and no go until I can afford to either go for a turbo kit or theres been a lot of talk of fitting Golf 1.8T BAM lumps which would be a great install!

And that's pretty much it so far. Its flipping freezing in my garage which is made of wood and one side was rotten and pretty much fell off the other day :icon_confused: So, i'm also having to put money into the house and the garage too... so that sucked.

Barber 30th November 2016 14:32

Wow, great start for a beginner!

Paul L 30th November 2016 14:51

Nostromo - Welcome to the forum. :cool:

I'm looking forward to seeing how this kit goes together.
( As you say, there are no detailed build thread on here. :icon_sad: )

However, I get the impression a few MRS200 kits have been sold recently.

So hopefully, the other builders will all start threads too and you can help each other.
( I'll add a link to this build to the useful info sticky at some point.)


Originally Posted by Nostromo (Post 84531)
I'll admit, theres a lot more to it than I originally imagined ...

If it makes you feel any better, there are a few of us on here who understand that statement all too well. :rolleyes:


Its flipping freezing in my garage
Again, if it makes you feel better, it is easier to heat up a garage than a driveway. :icon_wink:

Jokes aside, it does look like you are making great progress. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

Mick O'Malley 30th November 2016 15:18


Originally Posted by Nostromo
I'll admit, there's a lot more to it than I originally imagined

I second Paul's comment!


Originally Posted by Nostromo
Its flipping freezing in my garage

And again, although my open-fronted man cave does at least face south!

Welcome :) Looking forward to your updates. If inspiration is ever required, just watch this.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 30th November 2016 15:53

Memory Lane
2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Nostromo
there's a lot more to it than I originally imagined

My first effort was a Series Two Phaeton. Tim Dutton's advert asserted that it could be completed in a weekend! This was somewhat wide of the mark, as I bought it in '82, started building in '84 and finished it in '86.

The first picture was taken on the day of the hurricane in '87. That tree came down right in front of me on my morning commute, showering the cockpit with twig shrapnel. It had been moved to the verge by the time I snapped it on my way home. The second picture is at Camping Bleu, Le Mans '90, just before I sold it to pay for my roof. Happy Days!

Regards, Mick

Nostromo 30th November 2016 18:41

Thanks for the welcome folks.

Paul, yes you're right, a few more kits have been sold in a final final final run of kits so yeah hopefully there will be some more build threads starting soon. All of this is really new to me. I've never worked with fibreglass before so it's all a bit of a learning curve. Good fun though. Thankfully, I've always prided myself on being able to bodge things together and as there's no instructions to it, bodging is the way forward.

Mick, thanks for the link. As it happens, I'm gradually getting through all of the 80s and 90s rally bids on YouTube. One of the good things about working where I do and having time in my hands. Unfortunately I can't expect my piddly little mr2 engine to sound anywhere near as good as them or perform as well... But there's always room for improvement!

wozzy 30th November 2016 20:09

Great work there, I hopefully get my kit in the next few weeks, I'm going down the turbo route, so there shoiuld be some fun to be had sorting all that out haha.
i will be watching this with interest.
Keep up the good work

SwiftyDS 1st December 2016 07:55

Looks great so far and an inspiration to all us MRS200 builders.

I took delivery of my kit yesterday - I will start another build thread later today so I don't hijack yours, although so far efforts have been limited to dismantling the "crate" it came in and positioning the panels to fit in half of one side of the garage!

Nostromo 1st December 2016 11:33

I used my crate to rebuild the side of the garage that fell off :lol: did the driver ask where your fork truck was to get it off the back of his lorry?

Thanks for the kind words Swifty and Wozzy. Believe me, it's a bit of a Mona Lisa at the minute... Looks good from a distance. Got the car out in the sunshine a couple of weeks ago and it really showed just how much there is to do. So I put it back in the garage fairly sharpish!

Am trying to decide on the best course of action for how to make the doors fit. Skirts and roof first? Skirts and clam? All three, then adjust everything til it fits? The bonnet and bumper can sit in a corner as they won't need to be touched for a while. I've noticed that the bonnet will need to be trimmed on both sides where it meets the doors, maybe 10mm. You'll see when you test fit it all on. As I've got the wheels now, I think I'll get the spacers to fit them in. That'll give me something else to line the bodywork up to. So many decisions... not enough money!

SwiftyDS 1st December 2016 11:46

Well funny you should ask that .... it wasn't the same driver as you had was it !

I think he'd realised as he drove up to the house that it wasn't going to be easy - certainly if the look on his face as I answered the door and said "so you've got a kit car for me" is anything to go by. At least it was the last delivery he had so it was easy to get the other panels out of the crate on the lorry and then swing the it round to get it out.

fatbloke 1st December 2016 13:40

Good luck with this Nostromo - I was a kit car virgin with my MX build and thought "How difficult can it be?". What a fool I was. Anyway, it is really worth it in the end.

Nostromo 3rd December 2016 16:16

It definitely will be! I knownthat I just need to pace myself and was told by Retro200 (new member on here) that if I get upset or annoyed by anything to just leave it and have a breather. I don't feel like I've done that much to it but have certainly made use of his words already!

Mitchelkitman 3rd December 2016 16:56

Looks good. I hope you have a good time with the build. Putting the parts on loosely is always a good starting regime. One thing to look for is where the fit can be 'altered'. It's generally easier to take off material than to add it, and GRP is easy to work with. Be aware of parts that have little or no adjustment, and try to fit those early on, adjusting others to get the good fit - also be aware of things that can't be moved eg wheels centreline. Have a great time - I'll certainly find the build interesting. I wonder if the RS200 parts would fit an MGF?

Barber 3rd December 2016 16:56

Not done much? You are doing great.

Mitchelkitman 3rd December 2016 17:01

I always thought the RS200 was a great looking car, and strangely my Sister passed on 2 Scalextric RS200 cars from my nephew when he moved to Australia - all I need now is some track etc!

Nostromo 11th December 2016 21:24

Started refurbing a wheel today as I could bring it to work with me. Got this aluminium-polyester filler which is meant for wheels and a mouse to rub it down with. Wish i'd brought all the wheels as I've just prepped this one in about 40 mins. Its not perfect but a bit of high lift primer should make a good base for the colour. Just need to decide on a colour. I think they'll either be gold or white.

Also, for anyone interested (and so that I don't lose the website again) heres a link to some spacers which'll fit the MR2 hub:

retro200 12th December 2016 09:20

rs 200 wheels
hi nick have a look at item number 262757901473 on ebay these are what you need !!!!, mick

wozzy 12th December 2016 16:13


Originally Posted by retro200 (Post 84781)
hi nick have a look at item number 262757901473 on ebay these are what you need !!!!, mick

They are for a 6 wheeler

Nostromo 12th December 2016 16:26


Originally Posted by retro200 (Post 84781)
hi nick have a look at item number 262757901473 on ebay these are what you need !!!!, mick

You'd at least want them polished up for that price wouldn't you?!

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