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alackofspeed 24th July 2017 11:06

My car is on ebay....
I wonder what it'll fetch and whether the top bidder will be genuine!

If anyone is interested in the car, I can be contacted on 01929 477551 (0800-1600) / 07812 654393 (all other times). Having been messed about by two individuals on ebay I would be prepared to sell the car for 4.5k as it currently stands, else I will be relisting the car once I have put a MOT on it. Hopefully it'll then sell to a genuine bidder.

vantage1e 24th July 2017 20:54


Hope the sale goes well.

Leadfoot 26th July 2017 16:35

Looks well!
Is that you done with 5exi's then?

alackofspeed 24th August 2017 11:57


Originally Posted by Leadfoot (Post 89713)
Looks well!
Is that you done with 5exi's then?

I've had my fun, now it's someone elses turn to enjoy some cheap track day entertainment.

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