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amcbiker 1st July 2018 12:34

Change make/model on V5
I've owned my Kobra for just over 2 years. Is it possible to get the V5 changed from BMW Z3 to Tribute Kobra (or similar) ?
I have photos of the build by previous owner and showing number plate on original car but would I require anything else eg. body kit receipt.


Lucky@LeMans 1st July 2018 16:04

The Kobra kit should really be reflected on the V5. You can get the form from the post office ( can't remember which one ). Photos of the car prior to conversion and during the build along with the finished car. A receipt for the kit or from the seller will help.

WorldClassAccident 1st July 2018 16:26

The make stays as BMW but you can change the Model name

amcbiker 1st July 2018 19:22

Thanks for your replies.

If the make stays as BMW are there are any options for the model name or do DVLA decide on that ?

Lucky@LeMans 1st July 2018 22:47

I think you can try your luck with both the make and model. It seems to depend on which person at the DVLA deals with your paperwork more than anything ! There are people on here with body swops that have encountered all manor of responses from DVLA but most have got what they wanted in the end.

amcbiker 2nd July 2018 08:27

Seems odd that there is no set standard for the make and model description.
It would be interesting to see what other forum members have on their V5 regarding make/model.

WorldClassAccident 2nd July 2018 12:19

Mine is a BMW Z300S Barchetta after a couple of attempts. The DVLA don't seem to know what they are doing. The first V5 I got back said something like "BMW Z300S Kit car Barch" but I argued the case and got it corrected

amcbiker 11th August 2018 10:15

I've just received my new V5 with the amended details. The make is now Tribute K and the model has been left blank.
Seems odd that DVLA only put "K" and not the whole word Kobra.

Lucky@LeMans 11th August 2018 15:08

You might want to send it back again and have the model entered to read Kobra. If you have got the maker as Tribute, then well done !

amcbiker 11th August 2018 16:00

I have just sent the DVLA department an email asking for the word Kobra, either in the make or model lines.

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