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NGKit 8th March 2019 12:53

NG TA Kit Car
I would like to share the story of my Dad's NG TA Kit Car. I recently inherited the Kit Car from him and think the story is a typical kit car owner story.

The story of the NG TA can be found here...

You can see a walkaround of the car here...

And me taking it for a drive in the sunshine here...

The NG TA is a Nick Green designed Kit Car from the 1980's. It is based on an MGB, however, some of the NG TA's are based on the Morris Marina.

It is great fun to drive :) I'm looking to keep it running.

Mister Towed 9th March 2019 07:44

Charming story. I take it your Dad sold the car and then you found it for sale many years later?

The condition it was in after eighteen years in a shed is a tribute to your Dad's building and painting skills. I'll be happy if anything I build looks as good after four decades!

NGKit 9th March 2019 17:03

Yes basically the chap who bought it off my Dad drove it once then had a health problem and couldn't drive it anymore. He left it in the garage under a bunch of stuff for 18 years. My Dad with the help of the DVLA managed to contact the owner and buy it back.

The engine turned over and with the help of my brother they managed to get it running again.

Here is a video of when they first managed to get it running again...

Dpaz 11th March 2019 21:42

Lovely, it just goes to show, never part with anything, ever!

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