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Cb 6th May 2017 19:04

Rescue 3/4 built MK kit
i have acquired a very well partially built mk kit car.
The kit is built with all parts direct from mk except for the engine/gearbox and rear drum brakes and what looks like the steering column. I have looked round the car and can find all major parts on their website. Unfortunately there is no receipts for the kit or parts as they have been lost. the previous owner has been building for 5years in his garage but gave up
It has a 2L pinto engine in it with a shortened sump and twin webbers. But there is no water system yet and the loom still needs finishing for the dash and lights.
My question as I would like to make it road legal, should I buy a 2l ford focus and swap engine and anything else I can to enable me to use the reg from the donor or should I keep going with the pinto.
Any help appreciated

JG 6th May 2017 23:16

Welcome to the forum.

You wouldn't be able to use the reg from any other vehicle as you aren't using the donor chassis. Crack on with what you have and IVA it. See if the previous owner has some build photos he can give you which will help come DVLA time (might even have photos of donor car if any). If the MK chassis has a chassis number supplied by MK then they should be able to help with purchase history I would have thought.


Cb 7th May 2017 10:37

Thanks for the advice, I will carry on with what I have has suggested, I have spoken to MK and they dont have records of transactions going back that far. will finish off engine bay, loom and cab and see where I go from there. Is this a good place to ask for exhaust fabricators in bolton area.

Mister Towed 8th May 2017 08:52

You could also try for an 'age related' registration if you can prove you've used at least two major components from an old car, such as your Pinto engine and gearbox -

This is the route that allows some of the very expensive Jaguar C and D Type replicas to run with a period registration.

You don't need to know the reg from the car that gave up it's engine, you'll just get a new, unique registration from the year the engine was built.

Good luck.

retro200 8th May 2017 10:30

kit car registration
hi there cb i think from past experience what you need is firstly a iva pass cert and then a "doner v5":wink::wink: from a sierra /escort or whatever the car is based on, to get a "age related plate" other wise you could be looking at a "Q" plate

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