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Hughandjen 20th August 2020 12:01

AC help
Hi guys having a bit of a problem getting my AC to work.
When I bought the car the aux belt was missing as was the tensioner. The ac fan was also stuck. So I bought a slimline ac fan and new belt and tensioner.
Now when I turn interior fans on full and temp to cold and press the * button nothing happens. The button light lights up but that’s it.
I supplied a direct battery feed to the compressor and that worked the Compressor clutch fine. Did this with the engine running and the centre of the compressor span with the clutch engaged so all good there.
Applied a direct battery feed to pin 86 on the ac relay and that worked the ac clutch.
Applied a battery feed to the high speed fan relay and the fan spins well.
Also changed relays round but that didn’t help

So it appears that the components are working but when I press the ac button in the car this is not kicking in the compressor clutch or operating the ac

Where should I go from here please😩😩😩

casamolino 20th August 2020 15:08

Good afternoon sorry if the following has been checked , if the AC has not been used for some time could one of the seals in the system degraded and allowed the gas to escape , perhaps it just need gassing , good luck Geoff .

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