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cbjroms 9th July 2018 20:26

Sammio Fuel Tank
Early in my build (ie many years ago) I got hold of a Spitfire fuel tank, cleaned it out, fitted it and filled it with a couple of gallons of petrol. I now find that it has deteriorated somewhat, fuel has gone stale and I am having to recondition my fuel pump, lines and carb.

So I have removed the tank and found that it is has a fair amount of rust inside. Not sure whether to go down the POR15 tank sealer route (which seems to get good reviews) or replace the tank. A brand new Spitfire tank is around 250 but I have noticed lots of new MG tanks for not much more than 100.

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. In particular has anyone used the POR15 tank sealer and/or found a tank from another vehicle which readily fits the Sammio?


lancelot link 9th July 2018 21:06

I haven't used POR15 tank sealer but recently used their paint process , which was very impressive ...

Basically , any tank that fits , can be used within reason need to be aware of the sender compatibility , one of the reasons a Triumph Spit tank was adopted for the S*mmio range ..but a whole heap of BMC style tanks can be made to work ...I have used Morris Minor , Austin etc with no real issues theory the MG should work but Im not sure of their dimensions or cap location ..

Mick O'Malley 10th July 2018 09:09


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 95910)
Basically , any tank that fits , can be used within reason..

Hi Chris

I used one of these in my pre-lit Westfield Seven. They're very adaptable and the sender will be compatible.

Regards, Mick

wharfedale 10th July 2018 09:40

fit a good quality cleanable filter and carry on regardless.
I had the same problem and my tank was fitted befor the body so removal was not an opption, I fit an old filter with removable glass bowl and just kept cleaning it till it ran clean. Keith

cbjroms 9th August 2018 10:29

Thanks for the advice above.

I ended-up using electrolysis on the tank for a week and then the PO15 tank cleaning/sealing kit. Difficult to get any meaningful photos of the inside but it looks GREAT.

Paul L 9th August 2018 20:51

Chris - Glad to hear you got your petrol tank sorted.

Perhaps it is now time to bring your build thread back to life?

Good luck, Paul. :)

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