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pippip 24th June 2019 13:40

Sportster Hood
I am a very new Marlin Sportster owner I have a windscreen but am looking into buying a hood/frame and side screens. The price from Marlin soon adds up to a significant amount. I would be grateful for any advice or indeed any other possible Hood suppliers.

peterux 24th June 2019 21:40

You may be able to find someone to make you a bespoke hood but my advice would be to get one from Marlin while you still can (the company is up for sale).
It's designed to fit the Sportster and it fits very well. You'll need to fit demister vents as well if they are not already there.

pippip 24th June 2019 21:46

Thank you I have been trying to contact them but so far with no reply to phone or email. Thanks for your advice

ChrisS 25th June 2019 07:41

I don’t believe Marlin are accepting any more orders until after the sale of the company has gone through. Can’t remember what the exact date was but pretty sure Terry’s announcement included an “order by” date which was a month or so ago at least.

pippip 26th June 2019 13:27

I spoke with Terry at Marlin. She is not taking any orders until after the sale is completed. She said that they will be able to supply hoods etc but not for some months.

ChrisS 26th June 2019 17:28

Yes. I ordered a hood frame from Marlin before the cut off date, but have been told it won’t be supplied until after the sale has gone through.
Not an issue for me as way off needing it, I just wanted to make sure I had ordered such Marlin specific bits while I could.

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