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Scottie22 15th October 2013 22:11

Scottie's Tribute A352 build
Hello all,

My name is Scottie, (I'm a bit new at this posting thing, hope it comes out right)

I have started to build one of Chris's A352's. I live in Hereford.

Are there any people around this area doing anything similar?

This is a build with a slight difference, I am doing my absolute best to re-create a Jaguar XKSS

I am getting there very slowly and will start to post some pics of what I have done so far.

Down&Out 15th October 2013 22:19

Very much looking forward to this!

fatbloke 15th October 2013 22:37

Had to have a quick search to see what the XKSS looked like. Sweet, if it even looks 50% like this.

Scottie22 15th October 2013 22:39

I am hoping for a lot more than 50%!!!!

Mister Towed 16th October 2013 08:55

Surrey Times Headline - Elated pensioner shows off his prize in Wealthy Valley Home for the revoltingly rich retired 'Touch The Car' competition after managing an incredible twelve minutes without needing a wee break.

Nice car, looking forward to seeing pics of progress :)

WorldClassAccident 16th October 2013 09:23

I have a few pictures of an original XKSS from the Wilton House event I went to. When I get home later this week I will try to post them up.= although I am sure you have hundreds already.

What is your donor car?

Good Luck!

Scottie22 16th October 2013 10:26

donar car
It sounds very mundane, but it happens to be a Triumph Spitfire.
The engine is only around 70 or 80 BHP, but with the car being a possible 500 Kilos ish, it should be quite nippy. There are other engine options of course but they may come later. I really want to post lots of pictures, but
embarassingly , don't know how!! Can you help please?
Being a newbie has its drawbacks, there does not appear to be any help info that relates to posting pics.

Mister Towed 16th October 2013 10:33

Photobucket works well, here's a fairly simple guide -

Good luck.

WorldClassAccident 16th October 2013 10:46

If you can get the URL for your picture it is quite easy. you just stick [ img] url here [/ img] but without the spaces.

The tricky bit can be getting th eURL for the picture. You have to load them up onto a hosting site on the internet. I use ggogle photos because it is free and easy. There are others such as Photobucket which I am sure are free and easy too.

Using Google photos and Chrome as a browser you just right click and select 'copy image url'. Using Internet explorer on this works machine I havn't worked out how to do it. :-(

First - load your pictures up to a hosting site
Second - Get the URL for the pictures (not the URL at the top of the browser window)
Third - stick the words IMG and /IMG inside square brackets either side on the URL
Fourth -sit back and enjoy the pictures

Scottie22 16th October 2013 12:04

Many thanks to Mr Towed and WCA, I'll have a go.
I wish I was as good at posting pics as I am at hacking donar cars up!!!

froggyman 16th October 2013 12:32


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 47459)
Many thanks to Mr Towed and WCA, I'll have a go.
I wish I was as good at posting pics as I am at hacking donar cars up!!!

The world is waiting!!!! impatiently

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:37

progress so far
I have managed to get some of my pictures onto photo bucket, thanks to Fat Bloke's help, but I so far have failed to get them on this forum!
Watch this space! This SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:43

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:47


This is my bodyshell

Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:48


Scottie22 16th October 2013 20:49


2manytoys 16th October 2013 20:54

Wow! Nice bit of juggling and balancing. Looks Greaaaaat.

Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:12

I finally got a sodding picture on the forum! Can't guarantee doing it again, but I will try.
Before the body shell arrived I tackled the problem of getting decent looking wheels. The Spitfire ones are just that - Spitfire ones.
I wanted replica Dunlop wheels like the original.
The cheapest I could find replicas were in the region of 350 each, which I could not afford ( or rather just would not pay)

I found a company on the internet which were willing to make me wheels
and if I wanted polished ones like Steve McQueen had on his XKSS they said they would cost me- wait for it 1600 AND that was EACH.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I didn't bother asking if VAT was to be added.........

In the end, I found I had some 5.5j Triumph GT6 steel wheels, but they were solid disc type. They did not have the 15 one inch holes
and the 15 1/4 inch holes .
So I drilled out 120 holes in total,had them shot blasted, and with the
6000 odd quid I'd saved by not buying the polished ones took them to a paint shop for a good job.

Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:13

http://<a href="http://s928.photobuc...ps48439140.jpg[/IMG]

Scottie22 16th October 2013 21:14


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