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Tigga 3rd January 2017 10:37

The evolution of 666
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Recently I was able to buy a Tribute 250 direct from Chris ( and Dan ).
So, this isn't a build thread as the credit for that lays with them ......its more of an evolution.

Tigga 3rd January 2017 10:44

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Anyway, I'm Graham, and I have been lucky enough to own a few "interesting" ( to me anyway) cars....

Tigga 3rd January 2017 10:46

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I still own this Morris 8 hot rod with Rover V8 power

Tigga 3rd January 2017 10:55

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I live in Norwich and Bob is a good friend, so I'm 'blaming' him for letting me drive his 250 Coupe.

This is the informal inaugural meeting of the Norwich Tribute 250 owners club!

Tigga 3rd January 2017 11:06

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So thank you to Chris and Dan for the build and 100% honesty and after-sales advice.
Bob for the inspiration to buy it.
And Mike , of Mustard City Speed Shop , for collecting it from Dorset and the MOT work.
For everything else, I'm to blame!

ned 3rd January 2017 12:53


Originally Posted by Tigga (Post 85248)
I still own this Morris 8 hot rod with Rover V8 power

love the Morris

hurnleft 3rd January 2017 16:56

Hi Graham, glad to see you've made it onto here.

It's a great car and one you are adding your own handmade touches to. Hopefully you'll show more detail on some, such as the side vents and badge I saw on Sunday.

Remind me when I come over on Friday and I'll show you how I do the photos (hopefully it will work for you too)

Cheers, Bob.

IanA 3rd January 2017 20:48

I do like the "just done the Targa Florio in it" look.
Sort the exhaust and leave the rest.
If I had the space, I'd ask Chris & Dan to do one just like it for me.

landmannnn 3rd January 2017 22:12


Originally Posted by Tigga (Post 85247)
Anyway, I'm Graham, and I have been lucky enough to own a few "interesting" ( to me anyway) cars....

A true petrol head.

Munky 4th January 2017 00:25

Sweet! Love it!
Especially the pics with the coupe and the convertible together.
Your hiboy was amazing. That's another car on my bucket list...
If only I had a bigger garage...
Great to see you on here :)

lancelot link 4th January 2017 09:02

HI, WELCOME ABOARD ...The flatty powered Rdstr looks cool ...I have had a few 32's myself over the years and a couple of them were flatty powered ..

I have a soft spot for Morris 8's too ..years and years ago , there was a group of guys from Southend that built 50's style cars , moon discs , scallops etc. and one of the group had a Morris 8 in yellow called Screamin' yella Zonka had a big influence on me at the time despite still being at school ...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the 250 ..

DaveP 4th January 2017 21:37

Welcome Graham,

Fine collection of cars you have owned there.

Love the 250 you have. All dirty and mean is a good look. I even like the wheels which normally would be the first to go on a build. They suit the car a lot.


Paul L 5th January 2017 05:32

Tigga - Welcome to the forum Graham. :cool:

As Bob said, it would be great if you could show your evolution work.

As these forums are great for picking up ideas from other builders.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Here is your car at the Brass Monkeys Run.

Tigga 5th January 2017 06:59

Thanks for the positive and encouraging comments.

Once Ive mastered the photo embedding thing...I will add some more.

cheers, Graham

Tigga 5th January 2017 08:16

Embedded photo test !

Tigga 5th January 2017 08:18

Tigga 5th January 2017 08:19

Embedded photos working.....thanks to Bob.

Tigga 5th January 2017 11:46

Rear vent detail, piece of alloy and a 3/8ths dimple die.

Tigga 5th January 2017 11:51

Spyder badges dont seem very easy to find!

So, a piece of alloy, jigsaw, cutting disc and chain drilling.....more filing / sanding needed but I like it.

Tigga 5th January 2017 13:42

Spyder badge is getting there................

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