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peterux 11th March 2021 21:54

Motoring nostalgia
I had a good laugh watching this tonight.......


kon 12th March 2021 14:43

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That was fun, looks so dated tho with Clarkson having hair :icon_smile:
Nice that your Royale gets a mention too.
Anyone know what these 2 are? They look awesome.

bladerunner 12th March 2021 14:53

They are both Light Car Company Rockets designed by Gordon Murray. The one on the right has the lights retracted into the body. The car logo at the top of your still is the Rocket badge.

kon 15th March 2021 16:31

Thanks, bladerunner. They look as fun to drive as they do just sitting still. Just been watching the Jay Leno video on them:
Shame they are so rare :(

bladerunner 16th March 2021 08:06

Yes I think changes in regulations meant that that they stopped producing them after a short production run. There is nothing else like it in the kit car world apart from the Furore kit which doesn’t have the same classic styling. There must be a space in the market for another car like the Rocket.

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