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Lucky@LeMans 4th December 2020 23:10

New 250 SWB Coming soon
Found this one courtesy of GTO Engineering. About 2.00 minutes in ;

redratbike 5th December 2020 18:28

They always made a nice replica/recreation anyway

But that is stunning

Lucky@LeMans 5th December 2020 21:28

I don't know how their relationship works with F***** but a big part of the business is making reproduction parts that extend to every last component on just about every classic model. They encourage owners to have reproduction engines and running gear fitted to save wear and tear on original parts, amazing really !

redratbike 7th December 2020 19:10

Looking at there products is amazing

Oh to be rich!!!

When I enquired (dreaming) about their 250swb recreation it was something like 4-500k you needed a donar Ferrari ID which they could supply at cost ... how does that work ?

Mister Towed 7th December 2020 19:37

...probably similar to some of the high-end Jag C-Type replica manufacturers - you give them an engine number from a defunct Mk10 saloon and sign a very large cheque, they give you a letter saying that your engine was known to be fitted to a Jag Special in 1954...

Lucky@LeMans 7th December 2020 19:56

Having paid a visit to the place a couple of years ago I can say it is for millionaire types if you buy or make use of their services. Although saying that you wouldn't be a millionaire for long !

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