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Mitchelkitman 14th May 2016 12:41

So if you have no garage, the wind may blow the fumes away - along with your headlining before you get it in position :sorry:

casamolino 14th May 2016 14:29

Well that`s the headlining done for the second time , if it comes off again it will be staying off , Geoff .

casamolino 4th July 2016 12:59

Good afternoon i decided to alter the door cards i had made by adding a pocket and by changing the door handles for something differant (as fitted to a Alfa 105)!

Not there was anything wrong with the old door handles!

Original door card .

New Door card .

The size/length of the pocket was dictated by the amount of leather i had left from the original work , the cost of another half skin to make two longer pockets was not realistic .
The two plastic covers around the door pulls are standard Z3 sprayed up the body colour they are stuck on but i can not decide whether to keep them ,Geoff .

WorldClassAccident 4th July 2016 14:22

I had the same dilemma about the pull surrounds on mine.

I left them black while I decide but can't think of a better way to finish them off.

ericholm 4th July 2016 16:30

Hi, I found some chrome ones Geoff, which might go with the look of your interior? by eric holm, on Flickr

WorldClassAccident 4th July 2016 18:25

Oooh! I like chrome.

Where and how much?

ericholm 4th July 2016 20:24


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 80805)
Oooh! I like chrome.

Where and how much?

I bought them from FMW tuning, get them quick before the EURO rate worsens!

casamolino 5th July 2016 07:12

Morning Andy , you really are a flash bugger :icon_smile: Geoff .

ericholm 5th July 2016 07:49


Originally Posted by casamolino (Post 80814)
Morning Andy , you really are a flash bugger :icon_smile: Geoff .

Good morning Geoff, many thanks!!!!! Hope you are getting the most out of the car with the weather now starting to improve a little? all the small ( and bigger) touches you are doing really make the difference.



casamolino 7th July 2016 17:46

Good evening , i decided it was time for a change ref my wheels and tyres , so i bought a set of 15" BMW steel wheels from an old boy! in Norfolk , would guess most people on here will recognize them , what i will say is that if anybody want a load of small holes accurately drilled in steel "Mr Towed" is your man . Bought set of 4 195 65 15 Avon tyres from Blackcircles approx £170 fitted at ATS , slightly larger in circumference and quieter than the P6000`s that were on the Minilites

Thanks Geoff .

hurnleft 7th July 2016 17:56

Very nice Geoff. they age the car well.

ericholm 7th July 2016 18:55

Very Nice touch Geoff!

Jeff H 7th July 2016 19:33


Steelies for the win, or whatever the youngsters say these days :nod:

Ollie 7th July 2016 20:50

That'll be 'dope' then.......probably....unless its changed already...

molleur 7th July 2016 20:55

I really liked the Minilites, but these look better! Good job..

DaveP 7th July 2016 20:57

They're bear wheels.

Or they are well sick :)

If I ever get and build a Kobra it is having black steels. Wide ones though if I can work out the maths minefield of offsets


Barber 7th July 2016 21:51


Originally Posted by DaveP (Post 80877)
They're bear wheels.

Or they are well sick :)

If I ever get and build a Kobra it is having black steels. Wide ones though if I can work out the maths minefield of offsets


Me too.

Mister Towed 8th July 2016 06:28

I'm really glad you're happy with the wheels Geoff. Though I say it myself, they do look really good on your car. The dished look the small ET gives (ET18 if I recall correctly) looks right and if you want wider tyres you could have them banded on the inside without spoiling the looks or fouling anything. I'm now officially jealous as f!!!

Paul L 9th July 2016 06:17

Geoff - The wheels look good, as does your interior, exhaust pipes, etc. :cool:

Can I ask what kind of reaction you get while driving this around?

Does the "old" number plate throw people off the scent?

Cheers, Paul. :)

casamolino 10th July 2016 07:16

Good morning all , many thanks for all the positive comments , Paul as soon as your car hits the road you will find out about answering questions along the lines of is it a ???? and the "double takes" thanks Geoff .

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