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wozzy 20th November 2018 17:45

Looking good Dave

cheers for the measurements

Redandy 21st November 2018 13:23

to remove the apparent sag, you'll need to modify the front crash bar.

The top of the new bumper runs parallel with the ground, but it SHOULD be the bottom that is parallel. The top should follow the channel in the door., if you follow me.

to fit as supplied it looks a little piggy nose up. mounting as supplied is much easier though.

keep up the good work chaps.

SwiftyDS 21st November 2018 16:37

Thanks Andy and good to hear from you. Yes I did adjust the mounting points for the crash bar to lower it quite a bit (about 30mm if I remember possibly a bit more). It was enough that one of the mounting holes was lost where it was lower down.

I also fabricated brackets at the rear of the front bumper in the wheel arch area to pull this edge up as it tends to droop/sag down relative to the front of the bumper. Overall there is a nice flowing line downwards looking at the channel from the back clam/sill area towards the front bumper

SwiftyDS 21st November 2018 18:47

Sorted out the mirror mount this afternoon on the drivers door. Ally panel that is bonded and glassed in to the inner edge of the door skin and the metal work that strengthens the top of the door frame. The plinths on the Sierra mirror are cut down with the top plinth bolting through the ally panel and a bracket attached inside the mirror frame for the lower fixing.

Quite pleased with the result.

Cut down the Perspex side windows for the mirror housing and attached these with M4 bolts and rivnuts.

The side windows really stiffen up the upper part of the door skin.

I want to add a rubber strip to the bottom edge of the Perspex and also paint the inner edge black where it sits against the door skin. Oh and the protective covering the windows came with are still stuck on under the little window runner strips so they need to come off.

Next job is to repeat this on the passenger side and then take the windows and mirrors off to bond the skins on to the MR2 doors - but everything is all lined up now so that should be the easy part. Wishful thinking anyway ....

SwiftyDS 23rd November 2018 08:38

Didn’t get time to work on the car yesterday, but I did get a lovely surprise when an early Christmas present from my wife arrived in the post......

A brand new set of rear lights!

I’m torn now between leaving the set on I have to get it through the MOT and save the new set until it’s painted or put them on now. There are a few cracks in the secondhand set I have on now, but nothing serious enough for an MOT fail.

SwiftyDS 23rd November 2018 15:31

I managed to spend an hour on the car earlier this afternoon. I had some 15mm rubber channel strip that I’ve fitted to the drivers side window - will wait to decide whether this is OK until I’ve painted the inner edge of the Perspex black but doesn’t look too bad.

I made a start on the passenger mirror and Perspex side window. Mirror ally support glassed in and mirror fitted. Side window cut down but ran out of time to drill and bolt this in.

Nostromo 23rd November 2018 15:57

Those mirrors look great Dave!! Almost making me think I should have another go at the Mondeo ones I've got. I've not managed to get out on mine for ages :( great that you're managing to hammer onward! Keep it up!

SwiftyDS 23rd November 2018 18:25

Thanks Nick. Not sure how the Mondeo ones attach but the pillars/plinths on the Sierra ones weren’t too difficult to cut down and then add some bracket work to raise the mounting points for the lower two.

You’ve already got the corner piece done on yours so might be worth offering them up and see how close you are.

SwiftyDS 25th November 2018 11:19

A couple of fellow builders have asked for some photos of the changes I made to the Sierra mirror mounting points and the quarter panel mounting glassed into the door skin.

I will take a couple of close up pictures when I take the mirrors off tomorrow as the plan is to bond the drivers door skin on tomorrow and hopefully the passenger door on Wednesday or Thursday. Getting close now to being able to drive it again, albeit needing an MOT first and the coilovers fitting. Plus of course a long snagging list of little jobs that need finishing ....

SwiftyDS 26th November 2018 20:38

I started to take the mirrors and side windows off this afternoon to get ready to bond each door skin on. Ahead of that I took the window slider out of each side and removed the protective backing to the Perspex.

I also added the rubber strip to the bottom of the passenger side window.

Here are the close ups of the ally sheet used for the quarter panel that the mirrors attach to. Note that most of the strength from the fibreglass comes from the corner area and the steel support that runs around the upper window section. The fibreglass is wrapped around the steel support and seems to be quite solid.

It will be sprayed Matt black but I don’t plan to fill or smooth the fibreglass on the ally sheet as 99% of it is covered by the mirror plinth.

On the mirror itself you can see here how the bottom two supports have been cut right back, and a bracket bonded in above these to make the bolts accessible from the inside of the ally sheet. I used rivnuts bonded to the bracket to allow for bolts to be used into the mirror plinth.

By the time I had faffed about with removing the protective backing off each side window and put them back on, then removed them again and the mirrors it was getting quite late and the temperature had dropped in the garage, so I decided it was probably a bit on the cold side to start bonding the drivers door skin and decided to put this off until Wednesday. Hopefully I will still get both door skins bonded on this week.

wozzy 27th November 2018 19:20

You seem to be making a lot of progress now Dave, it's moving along very quickly.
Keep the pics coming

SwiftyDS 27th November 2018 21:35

Thanks Wozzy - will do.

Should hopefully get the drivers door skin bonded on tomorrow.

SwiftyDS 28th November 2018 16:25

I bonded the drivers door skin on earlier today. Probably the most tense part of the build so far making sure it lined up and didnt’t drop or move as I clamped it down.

I did use a couple of tek screws in the bottom part of the metal work surrounding the window frame which are there for attaching the Perspex window to at the bottom of each corner. This gave me some security around it not dropping.

Fingers crossed for when the clamps come off tomorrow then it’s repeat for the passenger door then put everything back on (mirrors and windows, rubber seals) and link the door handles back up.

Welshkiwi 29th November 2018 03:39

Awesome work fella,
I am with you on the daunting part. The engineering bit I am happy with but when it gets to the dark art of glassing and bonding so much can go astray when not fully fledged in it. Practice tho makes perfect! Looks like you have done a fine job from the photos and been methodical in your actions. Top work!

SwiftyDS 29th November 2018 17:20

Thanks for the kind words Welshkiwi. I know what you mean about engineering vs bodywork and GRP. Engineering is pretty binary in so far as it works or it doesn’t. Bodywork is much more of a black art! I’m following your 275GTB build with great interest.

I got out to the garage this afternoon to bond the passenger door on. Those who’ve followed my build thread so far will be familiar with my comments on the passenger side of the kit being the ugly sister to the drivers side. I jest of course, but there are a number of places particularly the door skin and sills where things just don’t line up so well.

I need to see what it looks like once the bonding sealant/adhesive dries overnight. It’s lined up as well as it can be, but I know I may need to so some trimming back of the trailing edge of the door tomorrow.

Before I started on the passenger door I took the clamps off the drivers door, and I was really pleased with the outcome. Overall no dropping and apart from an area in the lower rear of the door it’s all pretty straight. I used adjustable brackets to support the outer door skin where it was cut away at the base of the MR2 door specifically so I could go back later and make some finer adjustments of the outer skin. Will look at that tomorrow or over the weekend, but with the side window, mirror and door rubbers back in it feels really solid, closes smoothly and apart from a rubber door stop needed in the top rear corner it’s nearly there now.

jones 29th November 2018 17:42

Good work, coming on well!

molleur 29th November 2018 18:51

Looks great!

SwiftyDS 30th November 2018 09:58

Thanks for the comments guys.

Just been out to take the clamps off the passenger door and it’s actually not too bad. Much better than I thought it was going to look like. As with the drivers door skin, there’s some adjustment needed on the lower edge which I can get through the adjustable clamps, and at the front edge of the door where it meets the sill there’s still too large a gap; I already adjusted this before fitting the sill as the passenger side of the kit is a bit out but will need some further filling.

Will get some pictures up hopefully later or tomorrow once the window and mirror is back on. Might even get to run it up and down the road outside of the house now both doors are on!

SwiftyDS 30th November 2018 22:09

Exactly two years to the day since my MRS200 kit arrived from Tribute I have hit another major milestone with all panels now bonded on, lights all wired up and several trips up and down the road outside my house....a private road of course given I still need to renew the MOT!

The passenger side door skin turned out much better than expected and although they were only short runs on the road, I did get up to approx 30 mph without anything falling off.

There is still lots to do before booking the MOT, not least fitting the coilovers as I would rather get the ride height sorted first. It’s the front quarter view which shows the arch gaps up most at their worst.....

The panel gaps are pretty much there now, with just the area between the passenger side sill and rear clam needing adjustment. I’m undecided on the bottom edge if each door. I was going to fill this as the gap is greater than I expected. However looking at it on the road it doesn’t seem that far out and that’s maybe one I leave until I’m closer to paint.

I would have to say I am pleasantly surprised and very pleased with how it’s turned out so far. Still some way to go, included getting it painted or attempting this myself, but feels close now to being road legal once again.

Oh and it has to be this view every time I open the garage doors that makes it all worthwhile.....

molleur 30th November 2018 22:20


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