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wozzy 28th December 2018 21:31

I would say deeper in the middle as its looks fatter at the sides in the first pic
looking good though

Nostromo 28th December 2018 21:39

Hi Dave, personally I prefer it following the curve at the top of the screen but you need to be happy with it. I suspect if it bugs you now, it's not something that'll go away. I'm interested to know how you'd go about squaring it off though as I assume the black line at the bottom of the sunstrip is the window seal?

SwiftyDS 28th December 2018 22:16

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Nick, the black line at the bottom of the sun strip as it is now isn’t the MR2 windscreen rubber for the top edge, that’s about a third of the way down the sunstrip from the top edge and invisible. There is an additional layer under the lower two thirds of the sunstrip to space it out where it sits across the glass and the upper third is attached to the windscreen surround/hard top.

It’s magnetic vinyl so sticks pretty much on its own but it means there is a double thickness lower edge which gives the effect of the black line you are seeing in the original picture.

I will have a play about with it as I’ve got plenty of the vinyl. Maybe a deeper version that still keeps some element of following the MR2 windscreen curve without being too squared off ... and without losing too much vision out of the windscreen!

SwiftyDS 9th January 2019 14:57

Well time has flown over the Christmas and New Year period and I can’t believe it’s over a month since I did anything of significance on the MRS200.

I decided to ease myself back into the list of odds and sods to finish off before the MOT and fit the new rear lights my wife bought me for Christmas. Wow what a difference they make compared to the old used units I’d fitted already. Much brighter in both appearance and the brightness of the bulbs through the lenses.

You need to look back through the build thread just to see how dull the older units were in comparison.

I decided I would remove the front bumper to bond in the mesh grills as it was proving too tricky to get them positioned and hold them firm while the tiger seal set. I also spotted over the Christmas break when I had the car out of the garage that there was a significant (well about 10 - 12mm) gap between the lower edge of the bonnet and the upper edge of the bumper on the passenger side. It all lined up lovely when the bumper support bar was originally fitted (if you remember I had to lower this about 30mm compared to how the kit was supplied) but I guess with the bonnet adjusted to fit against the sill edge wing area it now needs to be raised on the passenger side to compensate. You can see the gap here.....

I can close it by about 5 - 6 mm with some adjustment of the bracket holding the wheel arch edge but it doesn’t look close enough so that’s the next job to drill the passenger side bumper support bracket and raise this side slightly.

I’m still planning on getting through the odds and sods list so that I can fit the coilovers by the end of the month and then it’s off to be MOT’d.

wozzy 9th January 2019 20:56

Looking good, the lights look well.
Not long now then?

SwiftyDS 10th January 2019 11:09

Cheers Wozzy

Yes probably got a couple of half days of little jobs to sort out including raising the passenger side of the bumper bar then a couple of days to fit the coilovers which I will do before the MOT.

Aiming for end of Jan to be ready for the MOT but you know how it goes with grand plans and everything!

Nostromo 10th January 2019 20:18

Race you to the MOT station! :biggrin1:

SwiftyDS 11th January 2019 09:01

Think you’ll get there first Nick!

IanA 17th January 2019 17:43

You've seen PistonHead's Pic of the Week here?

molleur 17th January 2019 18:19


Originally Posted by IanA (Post 98645)
You've seen PistonHead's Pic of the Week here?

Too cool!

SwiftyDS 17th January 2019 19:14

I know I saw this come up - crazy amounts of money !

SwiftyDS 7th May 2019 19:31

Well grand plans and everything again .... it’s now May and I’ve only just got round to fitting the coilovers! I decided the garage was really too much of a mess and so the new project to tidy up the garage, fit shelving racks etc seemed to consume more time than I expected!

Fitting the coilovers actually turned out to be an easier job than I expected and was really just a couple of half days spread over the last 10 days. Many thanks to Nostromo for helping out with what was involved here. A good breaker bar and impact driver were a godsend and I’ve managed to lower whole car by around 55 - 60mm. There’s probably another 30-40mm it could go lower but the ground clearance particularly under the engine area is now significantly reduced so I’ll give it a chance to settle further and then decide.

I’m pretty pleased with the lower look and improvements to the stance, although as expected the BC Racing Coilovers are much stiffer but they are on the factory setting as they came out of the box.

I did find that because the front is lower, the passenger side front tyre is fouling the bracket I fabricated on that side to support the front bumper on full lock. Another one for the odds and sods list to finish before I can get the MOT.

I still need to sort out the passenger side of the bonnet/bumper where there’s gap and there’s a couple of other bits to get done included fitting the inner wheel arches I’ve made up.

molleur 8th May 2019 00:11

Those BC coilovers did the trick. Looks great!

jones 8th May 2019 11:12

Agreed those coilovers have worked a treat! Good work!

Nostromo 8th May 2019 15:05

Looks really great Dave! Bit jealous i couldn't stretch to coilovers on mine. Not far to go now!

wozzy 8th May 2019 19:41

looking good

SwiftyDS 8th May 2019 21:36

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. For anyone else doing this with an MR2 Roadster I meant to say fit new drop links on the rear as it makes removing the old drop links that much easier with only one end to undo.

Spurred on by the coil overs I spent a couple of hours today working my way through the remains of the to do list.

Sorted out the gap on the passenger side bonnet/bumper join and at the same time reworked the brackets supporting the outer edge of the MRS200 bumper on each side to stop the tyre fouling on full lock.

Then sorted out the alignment on the drivers side...

The tops of the doors required a bit of work. I had already purchased a pair of rubber stops (Land Rover Defender) which I fitted on each side to provide some support in the top corner. This helps when closing the door and stops most of the rattles in that area.

Doors lineup better but I need to still stiffen up the window frame part of the door skin on each side as they move about a bit too much for my liking. Thanks Nostromo for sharing with me how you did this on yours.

Nostromo 10th May 2019 23:38

Very welcome buddy! Happy to help and glad to see its coming along well. Have sent a PM.

wozzy 15th July 2019 19:18

Is there any more to report yet Dave?
it's certainly getting there, keep up the good work

SwiftyDS 6th August 2019 17:54

Slow progress since the last posts - various house projects and work seem to have taken over. I did get it out on the drive a couple of weeks ago and to my horror the area I filled and primed on the rear clam to use original Sierra lights has sunken somewhat . Will need to remedy that and pull my finger out to get it finished - with a bit of focus and attention I reckon I can be ready for MOT with a good couple of half days work.

Keep watching and this may have just spurred me on to get it finished!

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