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Nostromo 5th February 2017 20:42

Those wheels are beautiful!! Seats are a really nice find too! As you say mate, gotta get things while they're available as they don't turn up every day. Annoyingly, I'd spent my months car budget when a set of lights appeared on fleabay :(

I was really impressed with the spacers. Really good build quality. They're supplied with the studs and nuts to fit but you'll need to supply your own wheel nuts which you've obviously already got with your new wheels. The studs are loose so will need threadlocking into place. Lead time was three weeks for my ones as they needed to be made to order. You may find that he has a set of 20mm ones on the shelf ready to go.

wozzy 5th February 2017 20:47

looking very nice

SwiftyDS 5th February 2017 22:41

Thanks for the kind words- will order a set of spacers for the rears tomorrow and then decide on the fronts once front bumper fitted

SwiftyDS 8th February 2017 07:17

New exhaust arrived on Monday from North America. I took a bit of a risk on this one in pursuit of making the engine noise a bit more sporty (along with the K&N filter and pipe), it was on eBay from a North American supplier and there are a couple of MR2 Roadster forum owners who've fitted this so I could see/hear it on the car via videos they had made. All in with shipping and import duties it was less than 220 GBP and only took around 5 working days to arrive.

Quality is better than I expected and it comes with gasket and fittings. Plus it feels about half the weight of the stock exhaust.
I'm hoping to fit along with the induction kit over the next couple of days so I can get the rear clam on for a better trial fit and then get on with the sills.

Rear spacers on order now that I've got the wheels.

SwiftyDS 9th February 2017 15:14

I received the mats I'd ordered today from Ambassador Mats - they managed to take the RS200 logo and create the stiching pattern to put these on the mats in a similar place to the MR2 logo on the original mats.

I wasn't too sure when they sent me pictures through of the finished article (I'd also ordered them black piped in red) but in the flesh they look great and rather pleased with them.

Now that they've created the stiching pattern with the software they use they can reproduce the design if any other MRS200 builders are interested.

Nostromo 9th February 2017 20:51

I was thinking about mats the other day so definitely interested in these. How much were they? The photos don't seem to be working... or is it just me?

*they're working now, they're ace, I want some!

SwiftyDS 9th February 2017 22:21

£67 delivered but I would expect you should be able to get some off that price given that included setting up the stitching pattern first time around.

Lewis was the guy I dealt with via

IanA 15th February 2017 17:30

Saw a good selection of rally cars at Retromobile in Paris last weekend so thought this might be of interest:

and detail:

SwiftyDS 16th February 2017 08:28

Many thanks for sharing the pics IanA

retro200 16th February 2017 15:04

i think that is a ex graham hathaway rallycross car that was rebuilt from the ground up around 2004-05,going by the reg number, looks superb, think i need a few more stickers for my mrs200 lol :eusa_dance:

IanA 16th February 2017 22:08


Originally Posted by retro200 (Post 86220)
... rallycross car that was rebuilt from the ground up around 2004-05,going by the reg number, looks superb, ...

Hmmm- a rallycross car in showroom condition?

The rally car exhibit at Retromobile comprised over 20 cars on a bridge between exhibition halls. Bit of a pinch point for pedestrian traffic but the extra natural light made for better pics than in the halls themselves.

retro200 16th February 2017 22:30


Originally Posted by IanA (Post 86225)
Hmmm- a rallycross car in showroom condition?

The rally car exhibit at Retromobile comprised over 20 cars on a bridge between exhibition halls. Bit of a pinch point for pedestrian traffic but the extra natural light made for better pics than in the halls themselves.

it was re-built from a rally-cross car i think the original car was reg number c200khj but somehow 2 cars ended up with same reg number so after a lot of wrangling with dvla it was allocated c471rjr if you g@@gle it "ford rs 200 c471rjr " there is a interesting article on it seems a lot of 200s had dual identity back in the day after being accident damaged or stripped for parts etc

SwiftyDS 23rd February 2017 15:35

New exhaust fitted along with the K&N induction kit. Induction kit was easier than I expected, old air box and piping came off straight forward. I did a before/after compare of the exhaust/engine sound before I started on the exhaust and there was a noticeable improvement, also seemed to rev a bit easier.

Fitting the new exhaust was a pig - both removing the old one particularly the bolts to the cat and getting the new one to line up, but got there in the end and must say both the sound and the looks are spot on.

I ran the car up to temp and managed to check it was idling ok once warmed up as I'd heard reports that due to reduced back pressure it could affect the idle. All OK and the combo of exhaust and induction kit really make a difference to sound and responsiveness of the engine - OK it may be more the sound and the rest is my brain making it seem to rev better!

I decided not to put the exhaust heat shield back on as the new one looks so good and with the clam on I think there will be plenty of air circulating.

I'm still waiting for the rear wheel spacers to arrive (should turn up next week) so I've held off from making a start on fitting the rear clam. To keep me busy there's a few jobs left on the interior including replacing the door card trim with alcantara and red piping to match the new seats, and I've decided to mount an old Android tablet on the dash top so I can run Torque Pro via an ODBII Bluetooth connector. Mock up below but will be permanently fixed using a Nav Pod which is on order and should arrive next week.

SwiftyDS 27th February 2017 13:59

Still waiting for the rear spacers to arrive but managed to get the rear clam on for a trial fitting earlier today. I removed the 4" either side of the rear crash bar and the good news is my measurements were spot on with trailing edge clearing the top of the pipes from the new exhaust but it is catching slightly on the rubber hanger holding the cat - that may be as the clam is too far forward on the car (see below).

Front edge where it meets top rail of windscreen looks less good with a big gap. I know there is a void to the hardtop that will need filling but I suspect I need to shift the whole roof/clam back a couple of cm to line it up and get the pillars anywhere near close (mine are separate due to getting the kit couriered).

Will fit the sills first so next job is to remove the two doors and do the mods to the trailing edge of those. Alongside that will make a start on cutting out the various holes and light fittings on the rear clam.

retro200 27th February 2017 14:10

hi dave looking good i also had to alter the hanger on the cat i moved it towards the engine with some 8mm rod thanks for pic of clam on that eases my mind about the tail pipe clearance, took my old pipe off yesterday ready for new one ,wot a b@s@ard had to remove rear crash bar to get it out, at least the bolts came out ok, as a matter of interest the bottom edge of my clam is 130mm down from top of crash bar, mick .

SwiftyDS 27th February 2017 15:03

Cheers Mick - I also need to work on the inner area of the roof panel so it sits lower onto the hardtop itself. I did wonder about how true my rear clam support bar was that came with the kit and whether that's sitting too high causing the whole clam to be too far off the car but I'll go and check the measurement to the top of the crash bar and see how it compares to yours.

I know what you mean about getting the old exhaust out - it also weighs a tonne compared to the new one so a bit of performance improvement coming there :-)

Nostromo 27th February 2017 17:05

I put a bar over the top of my exhaust hanger and bent it 90 degrees then did the same on the cat. Worked very well!

SwiftyDS 16th March 2017 10:31

Here's a quick update on progress over the last couple of weeks - many thanks to Mick and Luke for all their help in sending through pictures of the roof/clam measurements and where to cut the doors (that's the next job on the list before putting them back on the MR2).

Rear clam has now been separated from the roof panel and the return edges around the door shut area have been trimmed. Both doors are off the car and the sills have been loosely fitted using the MR2 top rear wing captive nut on each side for alignment. In the pictures below the front bumper and bonnet are just loosely fitted/clamped into place to check alignment.

My roof pillars had to be separated from the roof/clam panel as I had the kit delivered from Tribute so they need to be bonded back to the roof panel before final fixing and my plan is to fit a sunstrip with a "fake" windscreen rubber surround the screen area to give the effect of a taller screen. Still need to mock up what this will look like and may involved letting the screen rubber into the roof panel at the top.

Wheel arch liners are now off the car and the clearance from wheel top to arch looks massive now. I'll fashion some new liners and fit these next, along with the cut down doors to get the door skins lined up.

Plan is to do complete trial fitting of all the panels before moving on to hinging the clam, cutting out the remaining holes/light apetures and then bond/bolt all the panels on with a final alignment.

I think the front bumper may still be sitting to high in the pictures here so may need to move the front bumper support bar down (it's already lower than it was with the original holes as supplied).

wozzy 16th March 2017 19:56

That's coming along very well.
keep up the good work

SwiftyDS 16th March 2017 22:15

Cheers Wozzy

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