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SwiftyDS 25th October 2018 18:55

Thanks Wozzy.

Did you manage to get the new set that was posted up on the RS200 replicas FB page a couple of weeks ago? Beat me to it if so ! Mine have polished up ok and I’m convincing myself the patina on them adds to the illusion of it being a 30+ year old car :-)

wozzy 25th October 2018 19:28

Yes mate, didn't know they were new in the box.
well pleased with them.

wozzy 25th October 2018 20:48


Originally Posted by SwiftyDS (Post 97290)
Thanks Wozzy.

Did you manage to get the new set that was posted up on the RS200 replicas FB page a couple of weeks ago? Beat me to it if so ! Mine have polished up ok and I’m convincing myself the patina on them adds to the illusion of it being a 30+ year old car :-)

good way to look at it

SwiftyDS 28th October 2018 10:58

Before I bond the door skins onto the MR2 doors I wanted to go back and revisit the door rods connecting the Ford handle to the MR2 rod. The action wasn’t great and a bit hit and miss from when I did this last year so I ordered some new 4mm 150mm length stainless rod and redid them.

Trying to make this as robust as possible I used a couple of central locking rod connectors drilled out to accept the 4mm rod and the existing MR2 rod.

Action feels much better and that’s even without putting a cable tie around the rod on the Ford handle which I will get round to today when the rain stops. Thanks Nostromo for the help here.

Can get on with the doors now.

wozzy 28th October 2018 14:19

I will put some pics up on my new build thread when i get round to sorting this out.
I have found a very simple way to do this, but you need to do a little welding (or i suppose you could cable tie it if you do not have access tom a welder)

SwiftyDS 28th October 2018 14:29

Thanks Wozzy. I had gone the cable tie route originally but wasn’t happy with the action. It’s also a bit of a pain to get the MR2 rod out of the lock mechanism - that can also be bent into shape to fit the Ford handle directly but again it’s a pain to get behind the plastic anti theft housing round the lock.

Be interested in how you’ve done this

wozzy 28th October 2018 17:36

PM me your number

SwiftyDS 4th November 2018 16:33

Got round to sorting the roof panel this week ready for bonding to the MR2 hardtop. Also trimmed the windscreen edge to tidy this up where the Sierra windscreen rubber sits. I glassed in a piece at the rear of the roof panel where it was cut away from the clam to both tidy this edge up and provide a lip to bond to the MR2 hardtop.

Before bonding it all down I modified the intercoller and piping I had bought. The intercooler was a universal kit and about 5cm too tall to fit in the roof void. I know another MRS200 builder fitted the same one and sunk a support plate into the MR2 hardtop to create the space. I didn’t fancy doing this and as this is for show right now (at some point I will sort out a turbo kit for the MR2) I cut the top two cores off and welded some ally on the top of the end pieces to make it air tight.

It’s bolted through the hard top and I think looks OK piped up.

Whilst I was sorting the roof panel out I made a start at removing the flash lines and also painted the inside of the rear clam.

I will bond the roof and screen pillars over the next few days and then make a start on bonding the door skins and tidying them up.

Nostromo 4th November 2018 17:20

Looks good Dave, I like it! Any chance you could pass on an ebay link for the intercooler and hoses? Did it come with a fitting kit of sorts as you say you bolted through the hard top?

wozzy 4th November 2018 18:29

Any chance of some bigger pics Dave, as i can't quite see them haha.
looking good
the mini intercooloer is a very nice size to put in there

SwiftyDS 4th November 2018 21:53

Hi Wozzy - yep not sure what’s happened there with the pic size. Will try to sort out tomorrow.

Hi Nick - here is the item id; 302629828788. Comes with three mounting points top and bottom. I lost the top mounts when I sliced through the cores but it’s pretty solid on the three bottom mounts.

I’ve bolted it through the hardtop with M8 bolts.

SwiftyDS 6th November 2018 17:23

Got round to bonding the roof panel on today. All clamped up and hopefully should be dried overnight so I can move onto the screen pillars tomorrow.

The sunstrip has been modified so this is now fully removable once the Sierra screen rubber is fitted, but still has sufficient contact with the MR2 screen surround at the top edge to provide enough adhesion with the magnetic backing. I may ended up sticking it down to the glass of the windscreen depending on how it is with speed on the road but then if the windscreen does end up needing replacing I can sacrifice the sunstrip and make another.

Before bonding the roof I decided to rework the intercooler piping so it doesn’t take up so much of the hardtop screen space and sits better relative the inside of the clam and the roof scoops.

wozzy 6th November 2018 19:33

The pipework look better like that Dave, all coming together now.

molleur 6th November 2018 19:59

Nice improvement, looks good!

SwiftyDS 6th November 2018 20:35

Thanks guys. Was only when I looked back at the pictures this morning and then went out the garage I realised it looked awful. Plus the first layout I had, the right angle pipes were pretty much filling the roof scoops.

Wozzy, once I get the door skins on and mirrors/Perspex in there isn’t that much more to do for the MOT. Bodywork prep and paint will come after that....almost forgot ... the coilovers need to go on before the MOT

Nostromo 6th November 2018 21:46

Great work mate, look forward to seeing it with the suspension fitted. Echoing the others, it definitely looks better with your pipework set up that way now. Quite like the look of having that lower center bit cut out too. What's that done for the rigidity of the clam?

SwiftyDS 6th November 2018 22:31

Thanks Nick. I wasn’t sure about taking the centre piece out and had prepared a piece of metal I would have glassed back in to replace it if it went pear shaped, but it’s actually ok and not flexing without it.

I also painted the lower part black with the paint I used inside the clam just to see what that looks like blacked out and will most likely keep it like that when it’s painted proper.

Mr G 7th November 2018 17:14
found this �� good or bad project ? it's been list for well over 2 months

SwiftyDS 7th November 2018 17:36

Yep it’s the one with the wobbly wheels! There has been some discussion about it on the RS200 Replicas Facebook page.

Doesn’t look to have been progressed that far and it now looks like wheels are extra.

You can still buy the MRS200 kit despite what the advert says.

Mr G 7th November 2018 17:44

so worth £1800 and a half eaten snickers lol

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