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micky1mo 30th January 2019 18:46

Sammio rat rod pick-up
My everyday pick-up truck has served me well over the last 4 years but the MOT is due and I'm not confident so started looking for a replacement just in case. :icon_rolleyes:

It's a Scimitar SE6 V6 manual with overdrive, Ford model "A" floor-pan and a 32 Ford pick-up body.

It's not the ideal tool for every day use but it'll do as a stop-gap until I can find some thing a little more user friendly and I can always sell it when I'm finished with it.

We cut the floor-pan to line up with the wheel base as best we could and it was soon obvious the engine and gearbox would have to be moved back 10".
This way the radiator grill would now line-up with the front axle and we could keep the spreader bar between the front suspension turrets

It turned out to be a nice fit with very little effort.

lancelot link 30th January 2019 19:09

Nice start . Scimitars are ideal for a Rod Chassis . the larger 6 is virtually the same wheelbase as a Model A ...That's a Rodshop Model A floorpan by the looks of it ....I used to have a mould for those many years ago ....

micky1mo 30th January 2019 20:05

I couldn't remember weather it was an model "A" or a "B" but your right it does say "Rodshop" on the mould.

We also tried a SE5 chassis but as you say the wheel base of a SE6 is well suited to this floor-pan. :smile:

micky1mo 31st January 2019 19:58

The new floor-pan sat high on the chassis so I made a frame to bridge the gap between the chassis and the floor-pan which was about 5".

I also mounted the hand brake and gear stick.

When all was assembled it was obvious the cab was to high. :fear:

So the 5" frame work was removed along with a very large chunk of the floor-pan.

I also had to remove some of the lower cab but this left a much more suitable looking fit. :eusa_dance:

Paul L 1st February 2019 19:29

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 4th February 2019 16:51

I welded up a simple Bulkhead support to which I fitted the steering column and the foot pedals.

More support around the bulkhead area will be added later. :nod:

Dpaz 4th February 2019 22:07

I love this 'my pickup was going to fail an MOT so I'm building a new one'! Lovely. It is a bit mean to suggest it might have been quicker to repair the existing one. But not as much fun!

micky1mo 5th February 2019 16:25

Dpaz It's not just the MOT work needed, I'm having a few electrical problems as well. :noidea:

If my current truck needs a lot of time, money and effort for the MOT pass I'll remove the 2.5 turbo diesel engine and gearbox and fit it into this truck.

If my current truck doesn't need a lot of time, money and effort I'll just finish this truck and sell it on.

Either way, I'll end up with what I think is a suitable and usable truck.

That's my cunning plan and as there's minimal cost involved because I'm using what I have hanging around the workshop I think it's a good plan. :humble:

Dpaz 5th February 2019 21:37

I was joking, but I love your logic. Respect.
'If you ain't got a plan how do you know where it went belly up?'

micky1mo 7th February 2019 19:28

Dpaz This is my daily drive.

Folk don't remember me but they always remember the pick-up !!!!
So it I'm going to replace it it must be replaced with something just as "different" hence my plan :lalala:

micky1mo 8th February 2019 19:03

The pick-up will have a high bed which means much will be seen from the rear view so I decided to fit a stainless steel GTE fuel tank along with a pair stainless steel rear silencers that I had laying around unused.

I think they are well suited for the job!
And yes, I know, the rear silencers need a polish :sorry:

micky1mo 9th February 2019 18:24

I think I might have started a new trend in seating.:smokin:

They will have a padded seat cushion and a little padding on the back but as they are they are surprisingly comfortable. :lalala:

molleur 9th February 2019 19:00

Just be sure to dress and trim the edges. Strips of plywood will do.

Dpaz 9th February 2019 21:58

Nah! Trim the edges with old heater hose held on with copper wire or for a real Hill billy look, baler twine. Seats padded with hessian sacks. Personally, I think the drums look a bit flash couldn't you find some rusty ones? A 5 gall drum center child seat too?

PS Love your daily driver.

molleur 9th February 2019 23:31


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 99044)
Nah! Trim the edges with old heater hose held on with copper wire or for a real Hill billy look, baler twine. Seats padded with hessian sacks. Personally, I think the drums look a bit flash couldn't you find some rusty ones? A 5 gall drum center child seat too?

PS Love your daily driver.

Perfect idea with the heater hose!

Paul L 10th February 2019 09:10

A Ratrod with oil drum seats?

Perfect. :cool:

andrewhush 16th February 2019 22:00

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The Garage Cafe near me at Burnhope, Co. Durham has lots of drum seats in gulf racing colours!

Mister Towed 17th February 2019 08:17

Nice, will have to do a road trip up North and stop there for lunch one day.

micky1mo 17th February 2019 18:19

Called out to see scim jim over the weekend as I knew he had a set of steel 15" wheel rims that would suit this truck perfectly.

They don't look much in there standard form but add a bit of chrome trim and !!

Like I said should suit the truck perfectly :love:

I going to try fitting 31/10.50/15 rear tyres and 185/80/15 front tyres and see what result I get. :icon_cool:

andrewhush 18th February 2019 22:58

I have a set of plain wheels that I want to fit hubcaps to. I am looking for a simple way to add three studs to each wheel like yours in the pics. Have you added the studs on each wheel or are they original. Any practical solutions gratefully received.

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