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eaa53 13th March 2013 09:20

5exi Progress to the first run
My Kit Car is getting closer to a it first legal run!

So I thought I would post some of the final progress stages. :)

The Carbon Fibre effect has been applied to the selected components and the final paint application has been completed.

All we got to do now is 'flat and polish it'. The skill I am told here is not to break through the applied paint or its back to the spray booth.... ???

Needless to say I have been allocated the role of panel washer and tea maker while the skilled work is done.

I need to complete the final assembly next and then its out for its first run. :eusa_dance: :eusa_dance: The window screen needs fitting and I have weather proof gear as well ready for the Summer.

Need to build some confidence :( in its ability to get me (anywhere) there and back.

chrislandy 13th March 2013 19:52

Blue is best :) Looking good

eaa53 14th March 2013 16:49

Progress update
Can't resist some more shots as it grows in the corner.... this is a very rewarding rebuild.

The dashboard has a unique look!

Subtle distribution of CF effect....

eaa53 10th April 2013 06:46

Update and more Pictures

I have the window screen fitter booked for next week but the first few miles are on the clock.

I am please with the result but there are some outstanding things that need to be addressed. A track day is booked for late May so I need some miles running before its tested at speed and cornering.

Some are self inflicted based on my chosen course of construction or deviation from the original kit design, something I would always recommend a builder does... stick to the original kit plan! Change it at your peril!

The front is an improvement I think and goes against that advice above. I would still say don't change it though, the build would have been quicker if I have not made any personal changes.

May have to make changes to the inside of the headlight as the tyres just touches the plastic of the headlight case on full lock.

The first 5 miles were eye wateringly cold so its wait for the screen to be fitted before any extended outing with the Apple County Kit Cars.

And the finishing touch.....:humble: :spit: Time for a beer........ All in all and big cheesy grin.

eaa53 13th May 2013 09:17

Window Screen and Weather gear
I now have a window screen and weatherproofing!

Luxury:attention: ....

Chris Cussen 13th May 2013 14:53


grant620 23rd May 2013 12:47

Saw this car in the flesh yesterday.
Looks great. Credit to the builder (John)!

eaa53 29th May 2013 12:36

5exi For Sale
Okay the project is complete I have had some fun now reality must prevail and the car needs to be sold. :hurt:

A PM and a request will provide more detail, it's not advertised anywhere yet so this is the possibility for readers of this forum to jump the gun on the wider kit car populous if you want.

I have only just worked up the courage to post this thread but real time adds will appear soon.

The essence of the sale will be....

"The car is shown with a set of Lotus Rimstock 8-spoke wheels fitted to sell but any offer below the asking price will mean the wheels must be exchanged for standard 15 Rover wheels.

There are a small number of minor mechanical cosmetic additions that could be added to customise the car to the new owners requirements. It drives and operates as designed and performed extremely well on the road.

I need more the space and less car's so the kit car must go. I have an extensive library of build photographs and a book of technical solutions installed as part of the build of the car. I can also provide a inventory and most of the receipts for the new components fitted for the build.

This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of a new completed build with test miles on the clock and a fraction of the build cost price. "




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