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CarNoob 3rd November 2012 12:11

Mr Bonds Build (Car noob)
I'm buying some mgb 14 x 4.5j wire wheels for the sammio where did everyone get your wire wheel adapters mine are for the herald 13/60 and how much. Is it a case of bolt on to hub and that's it.

MoriniMan 3rd November 2012 12:56

The OLD way of doing it was used MGB front hubs with the bearing housing machined off the back. The brake disc PCD just happened to match 'small chassis' Triumph wheel PCD.

These days, just buy hubs from MWS. You don't want Herrald/Vitesse/Spitfire/GT6 hubs as they're 'short spline' and only suit the OEM 13" wheels.

Ask for Triumph 'kitcar' hubs.

davecymru 3rd November 2012 13:56

It's easy, most suppliers of splined hubs do:
short: 13" wheels
long: 14", 15" wheels.

That is normally stated on their web site / in their catalogue (as i'm sure there may be differences out there!) and i found that if you give people a quick ring they will normally confirm this with you.

There are a few suppliers around who all charge about the same and all supply similar (normally the same!) adapters. Some people have their preferences about supplier, but due to a mix up with my initial wire wheels i tried a few different adapters from a few supplies before i found out that i had the wrong wires (DOH!) and all the adapters i saw were identical quality.

Mister Towed 3rd November 2012 19:37

Yep, MWS splined adaptors are top quality. I paid about 270 for four including spinners -

Good luck finding the right wheels for the look you want :)

MikeD 7th November 2012 11:33

MGB 14" wires
If you are near Hampton in Middlesex, I have 4 MGB wires needing refurb for a sensible offer. I went the chrome route in the end....

CarNoob 26th November 2012 09:44

Took the small scoop off the car added bigger one. Altered bonnet need more clearance bugger ! . Took off bigger scoop. Altering hand brake position need to weld. I advise make sure you can remove tank easily wasted 2 days.

CarNoob 10th December 2012 10:48

[IMG]C:\Users\Jonathan\Pictures\Sammio car build[/IMG]

MoriniMan 10th December 2012 11:05

Pictures need to be hosted somewhere on the net. That one is just on your local disc.

CarNoob 12th December 2012 11:03

hope this works car with altered scoop and bonnet

CarNoob 12th December 2012 11:08


garyh 12th December 2012 11:27

Thats a lot of bubblegum.

CarNoob 12th December 2012 11:33

[IMG][/IMG] bubble gum removed

CarNoob 12th December 2012 11:36

and filled[IMG][/IMG]

davecymru 12th December 2012 13:26

I loved that stage of the build. looking good!

garyh 12th December 2012 14:36

Bang tidy...

Paul L 12th December 2012 14:45

CarNoob - Glad you got the hang of loading photos as the are a big help.

Can I just ask what the "bubble gum" actually is and why you're using it?

Is it an alternative to using fibre glass the way Mister Towed did on his bonnet?

Cheers, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 12th December 2012 15:11

My guess is it's strawberry flavoured spray cream - you round up all the stray cats in the area, liberally apply spray cream to the rough patches on your bonnet and the cats do the rest. Saves hours of sanding...

CarNoob 12th December 2012 16:23

Had some fire retardant foam so used it to fill gap then sand till happy with shape then glass fibre. but i must say it does look tasty.

craigt 12th December 2012 17:38

Looks good. What did you use to form your blister?

CarNoob 12th December 2012 21:31

just cut some cardboard to make rough shape filled with foam then used a large hacksaw blade to cut to shape. sand glass and fill then sand again

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