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Mr G 28th October 2018 11:30

just a hi to all the cool kids
hi my name is Lee , I am looking at doing a tribute car sometime in the new year and having looked around this forum may I first say how nice the cars have turned out and the imagination you guys have in creating stunning cars 😎👍 I hope to do the same haha am looking at a spitfire based car but not sure which one? the tributes look way cool and somewhat simple to do lol all help would be greatfuly received

DaveP 29th October 2018 06:19

Welcome Lee,

There are a lot of very experienced regulars on here that are happy to offer guidance


Mr G 28th March 2019 17:03

so I went with the mazda mx5 option �� quick question , how far can I cut back the rear arches ? they aren't too badly rusted but will need cutting out and replacing so is it worth spending £150+ on new quarter panels or can I cut back high on the outer skin ? TIA ����

Paul L 29th March 2019 06:26

Mr G - Apologies if you’ve seen these already, but there is a basic MX250 build manual here:

You will also find links to various MX250 builds in this thread (keep paging down).

Note: Unfortunately, there have been technical problems with some photo links on old threads. :icon_sad:

Hope that helps, good luck, Paul. :)

kon 29th March 2019 10:37

I am pondering the same question, MrG. I believe the rear panels technically form part of the monocoque, so cant be messed with for fear of IVA. Now I've actually had a look under the rear arches it doesnt all look structural to me, but i wondered if anyone knows exactly which parts we can strip off the rear without fear of needing an IVA test?

Mr G 30th March 2019 17:36

it just seems kinda stupid and a waste of money to buy 2 new panels throw most away then cover the rest up and also bend the lip back out !! would it be easier to use some straps of metal to create like a ribcage effect then bond the new panels over as no one will ever see it anyway ?

Paul L 31st March 2019 08:44

Kon & Mr G – My limited understanding of the MX5 is that the outer panels do not form part of the monocoque.

I think that is defined as the inner structure only, something like the first photo here:

Can I suggest you ask this question on the Tribute sub-forum?

As I am pretty certain that none of the MX250 builders have needed to go down the IVA route.

Good luck, Paul. :)

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