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1iTim 25th May 2015 21:42

Thanks Gary. And th cool swage wheelIe thing? What's that called? Might have to get myself one of those too.

(The box of goodies is about half way through the Suez Canal now)


8 Valve Ed 26th May 2015 00:09

It will have covered some miles before it even gets on the road! :eusa_angel:

1iTim 26th May 2015 00:24

It's certainly better travelled than I am!

garyh 26th May 2015 08:45

Tim, it's a beading tool. Just don't make the panels to big to handle...

1iTim 26th May 2015 13:16

Lowered a bit. The rimmer block (which I think they get from canleys) is a tight fit:

It needed a bit of persuading with the persuader.

But got it in the end. Eagle eyes may notice one less leaf. It's a guess, but from others comments on the rear being a bit stiff. We'll see how it goes.

Marc F 26th May 2015 13:20

love the two tone chassis - hadn't noticed that before

1iTim 26th May 2015 13:33

The grey is an impact resistant thick plasticky paint I put underneath to protect the powdercoat from stone chips. Looks alright too!

The tyres are 175/70R13 and don't foul anything even on full lock.


1iTim 27th May 2015 10:05

I'm not going wires like most of u blokes just the original steelies

garyh 27th May 2015 10:28

Snap... I have white walls too, mines not a race car.

Marc F 27th May 2015 10:37

Joy of our cars. I am going for wires for that "50's race look", but I know they are rubbish in reality.

Paul L 27th May 2015 17:22

1iTim - I like the look of painted steel wheels & shiny hub caps & think GaryH's look good too. :cool:

My donor car came with brand new alloy wheels and tyres, so I am simply sticking with them for now.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Do you have a map view of your container, in the same way you can track a plane on its flight path?

1iTim 27th May 2015 21:49

Do you have a map view of your container, in the same way you can track a plane on its flight path?[/QUOTE]

Yes Paul (and thanks, too! I may go mini lite eventually but I want to see the results with the coloured wheels first)

davecymru 29th May 2015 07:48

I think removing one leaf may be a good idea for ride quality, just keep an eye on the Swing Spring as it settles, as mine is already a bit lower than when I'd finished and Towed found a great photo comparison of my Sammio build with the new spring fitted and then after 12 months and the height difference was quite visible!

Love the veined drum brakes btw! :)

1iTim 29th May 2015 10:16

Thanks Dave. I'll certainly not throw the leaf away! And thanks about the drums- not many people can saw their car has the pinnacle of brake technology on the car! (Drum brake tech, sure, but still the best and way cool looking) also with "settling in" anyone who's taken the rear hubs off please check the nut at 5 and 10k miles

1iTim 30th May 2015 09:03

Tuning video on utube Sounding pretty awesome. But eventually will need a muffler...
Now it has GV needles (quite lean) in the hs2s with tubular exhaust headers, as the hs2 DD needles were too rich. My father in law is the expert in the vid.

Paul L 30th May 2015 12:13

1iTim - Your car sounds like a motorcycle! :eek:

Jokes aside, I'm looking forward to the day when I can get my own engine running again.

Good luck, Paul. :)

The cargo ship tracking map is great. :cool:

1iTim 30th May 2015 13:44

ThAnks Paul, I'll take that as a compliment! Yes it is extremely satisfying to get it running again. And after my mods it runs and sounds better.


1iTim 31st May 2015 14:14

Thought I'd add that when I changed the 948 to closed crank breathing I had it routed to the manifold,past the carbies. It was sucking too much unmetered air (even with a 1.5mm restrictor) so I've rigged up a spare brake bleed nipple to go in the back plate of carb 2.


Pic of the back plate of back carb

1iTim 7th June 2015 16:10

Here's a vid with the muffler on

1iTim 11th June 2015 12:31

Hi all, could anyone please direct me to a section that deals with headlights and what we need to buy to put them in? I've got the bulbs from the herald but no longer have the bonnet.

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