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1iTim 13th August 2020 07:53

hey i need a longer choke cable as the miglia cabin is so much further back. are the left hand drive models or spits any longer do you know?

I still don't know what those power cables are, i may pick up power for my electric fan from there.

1iTim 20th August 2020 00:34

radiator moved, bonnet fits.
i realised that ive not posted any pics for a while so heres one:


when i say fit, i mean fits not like a glove, but like a hand laid up fibreglass part made for another hand laid fibreglass part.

I will show pics of my radiator install when its done, i've made some brackets and it will be mounted to the shroud at the bottom and the front body frame cross member at the top. Unfortunately this means an el-eck-tron-ick controller for the fan. it will be the only thing on the car that relies on quantum mechanics to work. Hope it doesn't break down as i don't know any quantum mechanics, just regular mechanics.


1iTim 20th August 2020 11:56

Hi, made brackets for the radiator reposition.


bottom brackets in:


working on it only a little each day. radiator and fan are current goals


Paul L 20th August 2020 19:56

Finally had the chance to have a quick look under my bonnet today, as I was sure I remembered three brown wires.
(Two thick and one thin.)

This is a 1980 Spitfire 1500 wiring loom, so not sure if it relates to your Herald one.

These are the wires.

And this is where they are connected.

Not sure if that helps.

Good luck, Paul. :)

1iTim 20th August 2020 22:59

thanks Paul

Not sure if that helps.

Good luck, Paul. :)
neither am i paul! but thanks heaps for taking the time to photo and share.

i see the temp sender green wire there too so i will poke around for that. these wires, if they went to my generator as yours go to your alternator, they have been cut short, and the dynamo/generator wire altered. Once I finish with the radiator i will revisit this.


1iTim 21st August 2020 04:09

finished mounting the rad. Benefit 1, maintained bottom position well enough that the standard bottom hose still fits.
some pics:
and a close up of bracket:
and with 10" fan from davies craig:

1iTim 22nd August 2020 09:15

plumbing and electrictrical done. i may still have clearance issues with the new radiator cap, depending on how high the glue sits the body off the frame.

all that was done using one camry v6 bottom radiator hose. And a stanley knife.

I found the temp sender wire up near the dynamo wires. Extracted it and it’s ready for when I put the sender in the back of the block near the hard heater pipe I can’t remove.

1iTim 24th August 2020 22:13

cleaned up nicely with windex. i couldnt get the glass off, or from the back, so the face is untouched. i thought i'd leave well enough alone!


1iTim 7th September 2020 07:29

I thought i was winning with the heater threaded hole in the back of the block. But alas. The sender i got (herald 948 specific) is not the same thread. the block has a taper thread, the sender is not. Plan B is to get a 1/4 NPT sender to put in the currently blanked second hole in the fan thermoswitch sender housing. I will have to earth it of course.
I'm also waiting on a hose transition from china, then i can fill the system again.

on the plus side, i have the mini hinges and the small 'bear claw' latches for the doors. got some aligning and fitting jigery to do.


1iTim 9th October 2020 02:57

damn those "doors".

its like they are made for a different car.

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