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1iTim 15th February 2014 09:14

left the diff mounts to let my arm recover, steering rack work today. packed with moly grease and new boots and tie rod ends, now ready to go on. the only chassis reno needed done now too, a chassis spacer that came off in deconstruction now re welded. just needs a clean and the chassis is ready for blast and paint.

1iTim 8th March 2014 04:06

chassis cleaned and ready. heres the diff mounts in finally! ( thanks to my mechanic and a press. ) look, i had them *almost* all the way in by myself...

1iTim 8th March 2014 04:08

and the rear axles: i was going to leave them alone but had a bit of end float in one side, so thought i'd better take them apart and change the bearings and shim that end float.

1iTim 8th March 2014 04:10

you can see the last guy used moly grease for the bearings: it had separated and all the oil gone leaving just the waxy moly. no flow, no good. propper bearing grease going in this time.

1iTim 13th March 2014 11:03

Behold! Untold beauty:

garyh 13th March 2014 11:58

Lovely, it will be nice to start putting parts back on. Also nice, is the fact it will probably stay in that condition forever...

Mister Towed 13th March 2014 12:56

Ooh, that looks nice. Good choice of colour - would nicely complement a silver body...

oxford1360 13th March 2014 14:19

I love to see a chassis in this state - all that potential.

Looking good.

1iTim 13th March 2014 20:04

Th@nks gents, body will end up red too! Most parts are ready, but still working on those rear axles. One side had some end float but measuring the housings there is not appreciable wear. And how far do i squeeze the bearings/rear trunnions back on !?!

1iTim 23rd March 2014 09:51

impact paint on vulnerable areas, and wax spray on the inside (while upside down- i'll use another can when the chassis is the right side up). then there all the things like brake lines etc to clean up and put on...

Paul L 23rd March 2014 12:46

Sounds like you are making progress and your chassis looks great. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

davecymru 25th March 2014 19:23

The one thing i always wish i'd done on the Sammio was take it _all_ apart and do this to the Chassis, so i'm always full of praise for those of you who have. That looks well nice that man!

Scottie22 27th March 2014 19:09

Chassis looks really good, will you have red seats too?

I know all about red seats!:-)

christinedmc 27th March 2014 19:56

very very nice!


1iTim 29th March 2014 10:42

thanks everyone, i really appreciate the encouragement!
Dave doing all this now should mean i don't need to spend an hour in the garage prior to every run. Seats were red, but i plan to reupholster the orig seats in cream, with the body red.

this pic is todays progress, brake lines "cold gal" 'ed and in place, diff in too.

my swing spring is still on Mr R and Mr R's back order, coming with a disc conversion kit and various things like the drilled and tapped plate to attach the front suspension tower so can't finish that yet (oh and i've got a pair of those super cool finned drums, mmmm), but plenty of stuff to do. the rear bearings won't install themselves...

Viatron 29th March 2014 15:14

I have the Alifin drums on my Ribble, they are very nice but took an age to turn up as I think they are made in batches and only when they have enough orders to make a batch. Looking good BTW

1iTim 8th April 2014 04:19

(Viatron "...but took an age to turn up"); well its taken a month but disc conversion, swing spring conversion and alfins are on their way!

I'd done with the renovation (reconditioning!) of the rear axles, bearings in, I used loctite 641 on the outer race to housing interface as i had movement there. This should hold it. More pics when there's more to show!

Stay classy, madabites.


AndyP85 8th April 2014 15:55

That is one lovely chassis you have there bud!


Originally Posted by 1iTim (Post 53367)

1iTim 9th April 2014 03:59


Originally Posted by AndyP85 (Post 54161)
That is one lovely chassis you have there bud!

thanks andy, yeah its made it too hard to bolt on anything ugly so its all getting the treatment!

Why do people say "don't try this at home" on fun stuff like cooking with C4 but never say it about things that would be useful, like, you can replace the rear wheel bearings on a small chassis triumph, but dont try this at home...

rears practically done now, brake back plates on, just need to buy the rest of the freelander wheelstuds and put them in then i can finish the job.

1iTim 30th April 2014 03:19

Its been a while (hols in NZ, easter etc etc) but i have the swing spring and disc kit and am industriously putting things together. can't upload pics at work though :(

sadly I broke a rear trunnion bush jamming it on with no lube, lesson learned for the fronts, and antiseize liberally on the bolts that go in there this time. when the replacement turns up i will get the rear axles back on the car, and my freelander studs will be here soon (thanks auskellian) and that will mean the rears can be completed!

the secondhand front hubs from rimmer required a bit of cleaning up thats for sure, but they are ready for their bearings now. I used bearing housing loctite 641 (or 642 i cant remember) which worked a treat on the rears- probly use on the fronts too.

I'm not going to worry about ride height until i get the frame on and weigh the body and sandbag simulate it, then sort out the size of rear lowering block i need.

I am worried about the stiffness of that rear spring - anyone with knowledge/experience there?

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