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micky1mo 2nd July 2020 11:18

Spotted this SAMMIO SPYDER on E-Bay.
Doing very well on the price! :bounce:

I'v seen the car before but know nothing about it!!:eusa_think:

oxford1360 2nd July 2020 11:55

Mr T, he should ask you to write his advert.

"I let u no anything u want to no," sounds like Borat.

Mister Towed 2nd July 2020 12:07

Nice looking example, MOT history says it's still registered as a Triumph Herald so that would need sorting.

Not a great advert, but it does seem to be getting the bids as it's currently at £9,250 and should achieve a lot more than that...

oxford1360 2nd July 2020 15:50

This car appeared on another list that I follow -

I recognised the wording of the advert as the same as the Sammio ad. Then I noticed that it was a very similar price to the Sammio with a similar number of bids (all from "private" bidders). Lo and behold, each of the bids on the cars are at identical times (to within a minute).

The word "shill" springs to mind. There are some twats out there.

And, yes, I have too much time on my hands.

redratbike 2nd July 2020 16:42

That red thing is pretty horrendous

Mister Towed 3rd July 2020 19:22

And another -

froggyman 3rd July 2020 22:45


micky1mo 26th July 2020 11:46

The same car has been relisted? :suspicious:

Psycho pops 13th August 2020 14:53

EBay Sammio for sale

Finally posted my build for sale, hate to let it go but needs must.

No idea if I’m realistic on opening bid but after that it’s no reserve..
Wish me luck😉

Mister Towed 14th August 2020 07:41

Shame you have to sell. Lovely colour, good luck with the sale.

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