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grahamhughes 23rd May 2011 17:48

phantom Vortex
Hi Guys
Am thinking of building a phantom vortex and need to decide what engine/gearbox to use. I would like to use a V6. Can i use any make of V6 engine with this kit ie 2.9 ford from a scorpio etc or am i limited to what i can use
Regards Graham

kenmorton 25th May 2011 21:36

If you don't mind a bit of fabrication work for engine mounts and can find an engine with a transverse gearbox attached (or can adapt one to fit) then the engine bay is big enough to acomodate almost any v6.

grahamhughes 9th June 2011 10:02

hi ken
i have seen an accident damaged write-off st220 mondeo estate on ebay presently at £920. would it be advisable to buy this car to use as a donor. will i be able to use a lot of parts as well as the engine/gearbox
regards graham

kenmorton 9th June 2011 19:56

Hi Graham,
as I havn't built a Ford donored car I am not sure what parts you would need. Probably best getting in touch with Chris or maybe Ed Preston.

EddyP 22nd June 2011 19:37

Hi Graham,
That sounds like a good buy assuming the engine/box is ok. There's quite a few parts you'd want off the mondeo, like fuel pump, gear change, box, engine, instruments, fair few electrical bits, hubs, think thats all.
As Ken said though you can fit pretty much anything if you're talented with a welder, i've put a Volvo T5 into mine, which was a tight fit, but just squeezes in.

grahamhughes 24th June 2011 16:39

Hi Guys
Just wondering would i be able to fit the complete mondeo dashboard into the vortex. Not sure whether i am going that route just an idea
Regards Graham

EddyP 24th June 2011 18:39

Hi Graham,
Not sure on the dimensions of the mondeo dash, but I can't imagine it would be an easy fit, there really isn't a lot of point either, the Vortex one is by far better looking, is ready built to fit the car and integrate with the rest of the interior, and is included in the kit price.

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