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nostraloom 1st June 2012 02:21

Exterior door handles
Hi there! Just in case some of you, like me, aren't loaded with extra cash, I thought I would share with the forum, what I used for my outer door handles. I am always looking at things to see if they can be adapted for use on my car, which gets me ridiculed at times, but I noticed how similar some bicycle skewer and seat clamp handles are to dino door handles. I purchased a pair on ebay for $12.00 (sorry, I am in the USA). They look really nice on my classic replicas dino.

dino_gt 1st June 2012 09:14

Hi Nostraloom

How is your building going so far?


Dino Builder 5th June 2012 14:28

Good idea. I'll keep that in mind for the future - any pics?

thecarbuilder246 7th June 2012 16:54

Quick release skewers
I like your thinking here,but being a cyclist myself as well as a dino builder there is something you may have over looked. The dino requires a left and a right door handle where as the quick release skewers are only one hand as they both operate from the same side of the bike. Also most come with makers logos cast into them eg/ campagnolo or shimano and grinding or sanding these off may make the alloy rather thin, in an area where constant pulling to open the door is really not an option. I've seen door handles on real dino bent from aggressive fingers!
I myself managed to borrow a damaged real ferrari item and fabricate my own from some steel off cuts I had which will be chrome plated as per original and for only a few hours work,but I know they are now available out there in polished stainless steel but for a price!

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