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oliverwade 3rd January 2015 23:10

Formula-esque Car Build
Hi guys, forgive me for being a complete novice :doh: when it comes to both motor racing and building cars, hopefully this forum will help me!

I've been a fan of my local hill climb for many years and its a very big event in the community, I am looking at getting into hill climb myself in the next few years along with sprint races which are also big locally.

However I am also massively interested in engineering and so have made it my task to build the car myself. Be it from kit or scratch (thinking the latter).

Is it possible to build a formula-esque car, on a not so large budget that will compete with the likes of the other cars in the hill climb and sprints?

The photo below shows a car that regularly performs well as an idea of what I would like to build. If anyone is wondering it's an 1000cc Force racing car.


Many thanks

slickshod 4th January 2015 13:48

good advice
Hi Oliver ,have a look at forum you will get lots of go advice !

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