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jeremy 3rd August 2017 22:23

Well, I suspect I have won the chocolate brownie for the longest build on the forum......on and off from 2003 possibly. Given the government's stance on eventually banning petrol engines, and the fact that my son wants driven too school (legally) in the Sportster, I am going to just apply for my iva. Outside of my application, what do I need?
I have the v5 from the donor, have followed must others advice on building and hopefully given some ideas to other builders. Do I need photos of the build......from my youthful appearance to the now grey hair building it, and has anyone a list of common pitfalls. I could build and modify for years, but time to see what is right and hopefully have a fixable list of what is wrong. All tips greatfully accepted!

mcramsay 4th August 2017 14:14

You will need a few pictures of the build, from chassis to fully built to register the car, along with receipts for major parts used, unless you are going for a Q plate, you will also need proof of engine age.

I had my IVA prep & test done by marlin and cannot recommend them any higher. Without a doubt I would use them again to get my car through IVA, dropped it off to them and picked it up a few weeks later all tested. Not expensive either. Def worth exploring if you just want to drive the car and not worry about jumping through hoops to get a pass

Mike 5th August 2017 15:16

IVA Planning
There are two approaches to the IVA:

Aim for Pass
Print out the IVA test guide, and meticulously work your way through it - it is not as bad as it is sometimes made out to be. If you feel you can't fail yourself, then the examiner should not either - unless he finds something you either overlooked or could not have foreseen.

Aim for a Fail
Take the view you have made a fair attempt to meet the IVA regulations, but that you are prepared to pay £90 (for the re-test) to find out what you still have left to obtain a pass.

The only problem with aiming for a Pass is you become paranoid in the last two weeks before your test worrying about what the examiner could conceivably pick up on! - and in my case my handbrake failed to reach the required efficiency, which I did not have the means to test (except see below).

Several guys have put their cars through an MOT pre-test check prior to the IVA test which is a good idea - they will be able to set your headlights up, test your brakes (and handbrake!) and provide an impartial third party overview of your build.

Go for it - and Good luck.

I would certainly like to add my thanks to your build for a major contribution to my Cabrio.
The simple idea of reverse fitting the intake boot showed me I could fit a standard M50 Inlet Manifold rather than fitting the butchered solution Marlin recommended (and I initially followed) - I am sure my engine will be significantly more reliable as a result.

Good luck.

Chris Cussen 11th August 2017 11:19

I did a pre-MOT to get a check over before IVA, and expected a fail. So of the fail items were sort of expected, like a couple of radius test items. Others like chassis number on wrong side of car were unexpected. I photographed the fail items where possible and was able to present them to mke sure the tester didn't find any new ones. You will need proof of engine age if it doesn't comply to the latest emissions standard and it is old.
Build photos etc. may be required by DVLA when registering the car.

Mike 12th September 2017 21:30


Have you got a date for your IVA?

jeremy 15th September 2017 00:57

Hi Mike,alas the summer ran away with work,trying to slow slow things down a bit and grab some time for the final push 😀

6981marlin 20th September 2017 19:44

Hi Jeremy,

As said above I was more than happy to pay someone £90 for a list of Jobs to finish rather than worry about everything. Even if I had finished everything of I am sure it would of failed on something. It did take 3 times to pass mind.


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