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micky1mo 21st July 2018 17:34

We all know red ones go faster!!!:lie:
For door locks try "car builders solutions" they do several types.

Paul L 21st July 2018 20:21

Lovin' the red and yellow paint scheme. :cool:

Mister Towed 22nd July 2018 06:39

Yellow was Ferrari's works team racing colour, while red was Italian national racing colour, so it's a good historic mix as well as looking really cool. I like it.

Yorkshireman 3rd August 2018 14:28

Thanks Mike for info on door catches will look into that when I get home.

Paul L and Mister Towed

I am not really a red car person but the shape and colour on the Ferrari really appeals to me.

A quick update so far is arrived home picked up some wire wheels for car. Lights and indicators on back order till late August. So no progress on build.

Sorted replacement transport for wedding, got married and set off on honeymoon.

So I thought that would be it for 1950s sports cars for 3weeks. Till the inflight entertainment to USA was showing this film Ferrari race to immortality.

A documentary style film but I think a must for us car builders and the passion we have for that decade of cars.

So will update in 3 weeks time once I start work on the alpha again

lancelot link 3rd August 2018 15:14

THAT COLOUR SCHEME IS PRETTY COOL ...And a bit different from the norm ...

I , personally , use these people for latches , locks , hinges , handles etc ...the catalogue makes for very interesting reading if you are as sad as I am ...

micky1mo 3rd August 2018 19:29


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 96262)

Mental note- - Must get a catalogue. :dizzy:

lancelot link 3rd August 2018 20:30


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 96265)
Mental note- - Must get a catalogue. :dizzy:

The whole catalogue is online .... ...

Paul L 4th August 2018 07:13


Originally Posted by Yorkshireman (Post 96260)
Ö got married ...

Congratulations. :cool:

micky1mo 4th August 2018 08:55


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 96272)
Congratulations. :cool:

Same as!!:eusa_clap:

wharfedale 17th September 2018 09:15


Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 96279)
Same as!!:eusa_clap:

hows it coming on havnt seen you for a wile, Keith

Yorkshireman 23rd September 2018 00:24

Gary thanks for info on door locks

Paul, Mike and Keith

Thanks for your well wishes. Wedding went fine and honeymoon.

Quick update not to much to report on build of car. I was on Honeymoon in usa and bahamas for 3.5 weeks. and then went off for a week on my stag do on a bangers to barcalona rally. So the bit of spare time I had was used on rebuilding my sons old ford focus.

Then the time I planned for the alpha was used up by been called back to work.

I feel the november time scale could be at risk of slipping back.

But on a possitive note all the lights and mirrors have arrived and my 2 front spitfire seats have been refurbished just waiting for me to finish car and instal.

So all in all a busy summer alot of driving aproximatley 2500 miles

Just a shame it wasnt in the alpha just need to get back on it and i can enjoy it next summer

Yorkshireman 10th December 2018 23:07

Well after a busy summer and autumn I am back on the Sammio Alpha.

I will upload more photos later off my camera as this was on my phone. But I have started adjusting and shaping the front wheel arches. I would also like to sort the front grill before Christmas fingers crossed.

I also need to tidy the garage as itís seems to just been a dumping ground for the last few months.

Yorkshireman 10th December 2018 23:11

Been so long I forgotten how to add the photos properly :whistle:

Yorkshireman 16th December 2018 16:43

Well A busy week what with the 2 females I live with on permanent Christmas parties to chauffeur to and pick up from. I managed to to get into the garage and start my front wings and bonnet modifications.

You must excuse the untidy garage itís still work in progress. But will be tidy for Christmas :flypig:

But my new wife has promised not to find me anymore home improvements todo till the new year :eusa_wall:

Anyway back to the alpha the following photos are of the new arches. If the weather is good next week I will do some outside photos.

Yorkshireman 20th December 2018 23:52

So busy week started with best intentions but rain stopped any out side photos fingers crossed for tomorrow.

So in between filling and sanding I made an attempt to throw out some rubbish.

Things were moving forward till the bathroom sprung a leak so after another unexpected house job I am trying to have a full day in garage tomorrow :flypig:

Paul L 21st December 2018 07:35

Yorkshireman Ė Looks like you have been busy Dave.

I know that reshaping wheel arches and the bonnet is a pain that also takes a lot of time.

But Iím still amazed how all these changes can Ďdisappearí when you get to the body work stage. :cool:

I also know how difficult it is to keep things tidy. :rolleyes:

Good luck, Paul. :)

micky1mo 22nd December 2018 16:55

Looking forward to seeing some profile pictures now the wheel arches are set-up. :pop2:

Yorkshireman 25th December 2018 03:55

Paul you are correct body work has been a big learning curve for me and you will see from photos still a lot to do.

Mike some photos of the arches but itís still work in progress it could be a few months before I have them finished.

Back to the build itís been a busy week. With house repairs Christmas preparations and offspring.

First thing was to move some spare parts and tidy garage. I came up with a plan to hid everything in th garden lock up as that wonít be used till the spring :eyebrows:


So I managed to find a hour with a clear drive and no rain so took the chance to take some photos.


As you can see there is more work needed on front wheel arches to get the shape correct the backs now need blending in. The fronts I am now going to tie in with the original spitfire bonnet attaching a strip of steel similar to what mike did with his alpha build. Also I feel itís time to add the correct wheels. Thatís my next job to do.

So with that and an understanding wife and Christmas Eve I put the Alpha away.
So with that I wish all the forum members which are building cars, enjoy their completed cars or planning future builds a very Merry Christmas and a happy New year.


wharfedale 27th December 2018 12:32

coming on nicely

micky1mo 27th December 2018 16:53

looking good. :smile:

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