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grahamhughes 8th August 2011 21:35

vortex kit
Hi all
My name is graham hughes and i have just ordered from chris packs1/2 of the vortex. I have an st220 mondeo as a donor and would like any advise or assistance. I am thinking of fitting the mondeo wiring harness and removing the wires and electrical items i dont need. I am also fitting the new fiesta steering column with the electric power assist so any help connecting this and the stalks to the mondeo wiring would be a great help

EddyP 10th September 2011 22:38

Hi Graham,
Using the Mondeo harness will be a good start, I suggest when you strip it from the car that you label all the connections, then slowly untape the loom and remove all the cables you wont need, for example rear electric windows etc..
It would be worth getting yourself a copy of the Ford TIS cd from ebay, this has all of the ford wiring diagrams in it so that you can understand what does what.

There are different ways to approach the harness design, i've done two now, and have created separate body and engine harnesses, i've also used trailer cable to each corner of the car for the lighting as it made it a fairly neat way to have enough cores to each corner, as these are fitted to the chassis rather than the body.
Have you got much auto electrics experience?

grahamhughes 11th September 2011 11:49

Hi Eddy
I wont have a prob with the wiring as i am an electrician. i have already removed the harness from the car labelling all the wires as i went along. As the battery is in the front of the car in the vortex i was planning on putting both the fuseboxes at the front of the car, the auxilary one(engine bay) under the bonnet and the other one behind the glovebox as in the mondeo. The only wires i would then have to extend/modify are the ones to the engine bay(Lambda sensors,airflow meter,starter motor, and the engine loom etc. I was just wondering if anybody else has used a mondeo loom and whether this was the right and best option
Regards Graham

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