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davecymru 19th August 2014 14:20

Pretty much! As long as you word it C L E A R L Y and S I M P L Y and explain that it's just a rebody rather than the application of a kit (avoid the use of the word kit in fact!) then you should be fine.

TBH i'm not going to be far behind you applying for this, so fingers crossed!

Marc F 19th August 2014 14:34

Interesting - so looks like I should re-register it as a rebody, then go and get my MOT done. Will be curious to see if this really does work. On this basis, it would make sense to register it before finishing the build.

davecymru 19th August 2014 14:41

GaryJ always used to advise with the Sammios that you could get it registered and inspected as soon as the body was bonded on.
Here was my old Sammio inspection at VOSA Poole:

So you can see what stage the car was at then. Frame on, Body bonded to frame, no Bonnet.

He simply double checked that the chassis hadn't been modified and checked the numbers on engine, chassis etc.

I know things have changed a bit now so we no longer have that inspection, but i can find no reason in all of the updated paperwork why you can't register it at the same stage as i did the Sammio?

Marc F 19th August 2014 14:44

I guess that is my point - if there is no longer an inspection required, then it will be down to just the form (interesting that people are sending photos - I think I will struggle with the "before" version of my Triumph. So if I can avoid the need for photos I will try to).

Mister Towed 19th August 2014 14:58

Almost a shame that the inspection is no longer carried out. It was quite a milestone in the build.

Marc F 19th August 2014 15:00

Maybe, but anything that makes it easier the better in my book - my fear is ending up with a fibreglass bird bath that I cannot use on the road :-)

Reading the DVLA guidance, I note that one of the documents is insurance, so would be interesting to know if anyone has re-registered before MOT/Tax/Insurance - which is my position (although I think my plate will be tax exempt - 1968).

Paul L 19th August 2014 15:39

Marc F - I am currently waiting for a reply from the DVLA.
One of my questions was could I apply for the V5C change when the "re-body" was complete?
My logic to them was that this would allow time for the paperwork to be completed while I finished the build.
Then I could apply for insurance, MOT & tax when the time came with a matching V5C.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'd also echo Dave's point about avoiding the word kit in the application.

Currently I plan to supply invoices for the following:
- Donor car - Rolling chassis, dash, petrol tank, steering wheel, fuel cap, etc.
- Sammio Cordite - Bodyshell, rear internal framework, floor pans
- 2nd hand body tub - Bulkhead, rear wheel arches
- Aero screens x 2
- Plywood for cockpit panelling
- Etc.

This should make it clear I am NOT using a "kit of new parts", but a collections of old, new & home made parts.

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Marc F 19th August 2014 15:43

Interesting - I was going down the other route, of basically saying everything comes from my car, except for the replacement body panels/floor sub frame (which I planned on declaring mounts to my chassis via the existing body mounting points, which it will) - that way I should avoid the "kit of parts" arguments (and it is true - everything possible is coming from my car, from major components down to switchgear, lights, seats etc.

But look forward to hearing how your query gets on.

davecymru 19th August 2014 15:53

I'm planning on doing the same as you TBH Mark.

The car was mine already so no invoice needed for that.
Then just include an invoice for the new body shell as that is all that has been changed and all they are interested in.
Everything else comes from the original donor.

Marc F 19th August 2014 15:57

There's a pattern forming here Dave :-). I think I will contact them after Paul has had his reply to get there tentative agreement (if such a thing is possible).

And I will stress - none of this is because I have anything to hide, it is just my fear of being stuck with an unregistered car - so don't want to waste money.

Paul L 26th August 2014 15:20

Just got my latest letter from the DVLA.

I had provided lots of information and some photos, but this was their answer to my question about what category this build fits into.

”The decision as to which registration category your vehicle will fall into will be based on the consideration of the information provided in the V627/1 report together with any supplemental information you may be able to provide.”

But the answer that gave me real hope was this one regarding the V894 reply slip.

If a manufacturer’s KIT has not been used in the vehicle build then the V894 should be noted NO and Rebuild YES.

As a quick check on the Oxford Dictionary definition of “Kit” gives me…

A set of all the parts needed to assemble something: an aircraft kit

So my argument will be that Sammio did not supply all the parts to assemble the new body shell.

Some of the parts, yes, but all of the parts, no.

So I think the DVLA definition of a Kit car is things like Caterhams, Westfields, etc.

They did not answer my question about applying for the V5C change when the body shell was complete and bolted into position.

But that is what I plan to do, rather than wait until the whole build is complete and then apply.

Obviously I will keep you posted, but that is still some way off yet. :rolleyes:

Hopefully Dave will get his V5C updated before then and let us know.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Marc F 26th August 2014 15:24

Sounds good, and I think your definition of kit is matching current thinking - ours is a rebody of a Triumph, rather than the construction of a kit. So I think that is the right way to go at this stage, until proven wrong.

My question to DVLA is whether it remains a Triumph, which I think it may do in their eyes, or becomes a Miglia. I would prefer it to be a Miglia special rather than a Triumph Miglia, but either would work in practice.

Paul L 26th August 2014 15:56


Originally Posted by Marc F (Post 58951)
...My question to DVLA is whether it remains a Triumph, which I think it may do in their eyes, or becomes a Miglia. I would prefer it to be a Miglia special rather than a Triumph Miglia, but either would work in practice...

I think this depends on how your V5C is laid out at the moment.

Mine has the following:

D1. - Make - TRIUMPH
D.3 - Model - SPITFIRE 1500
D.5 - Body Type - SPORTS

So I am just asking to change D.3 and keep the original registration number associated with D.1.

"Next Door", IanA got his BMW Z3 changed to this...

So he has got a new "Make" and the section for "Model" is blank.

To be honest I will be very glad when I have got a revised V5C in my hand.

Cheers, Paul. :)

davecymru 27th August 2014 07:46

Under the "old" system where there was a VOSA inspection i had my old car changed to:

Make: Sammio
Model: Spyder

But.... TBH even under the old rules i was never 100% sure just from reading the guidance notes that we could get the Make changed like that and i was expecting:

Triumph - Sammio Spyder
Based on the precedent of:
Rollys Royce - Mulliner Park Ward (you know what i mean!)

So TBH this time i am more than happy to have mine changed to:

Make: Triumph
Model: Miglia
Model: Miglia Speedster

Seeing as there is no VOSA inspection, this keeps the documentation change simple and accurate and as close to the guidance notes as possible for whoever at the DVLA ends up processing it :) and that also seems to now be backed up with what they have told Paul.

blooka 31st August 2014 12:51

hi all
just received my new V5C from dvla and it now says Triumph Sammio
I thought it would be a nightmare , but was pretty straightforward i just sent invoices, pics of the build i.e. chassis engine etc. and a short letter that explained what i had done then five weeks later it arrived thank god and no inspection needed
well pleased :-)

swifty 31st August 2014 15:50

That's good news, one more hurdle passed.

A quick question at what stage did the photos show your build that you sent to DVLA?

blooka 31st August 2014 16:19

hi Swifty
I printed pictures of the rolling chassis with the suspension and engine etc fitted
close up of the engine number and chassis number a picture of the fibreglassing to the chassis inside the cockpit and then a picture of the original herald when i bought it and the one picture with thesammio body fitted dont know if it was overkill or not but it did the trick
big weight off my mind so now i can crack on with the paint prep DOH!!!

Paul L 31st August 2014 18:00

Blooka - Congratulations on getting your V5C sorted out. :cool:

The really good news is that it sounds like you can apply for the change before the car is finished.

Cheers, Paul. :)

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