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poser 27th August 2020 08:54

desperately seeking dino [shell]
hi all
have been told of the 2 year wait for a cascu dino shell....I could die before then.....sooooo....has anyone got a spare shell? maybe an unfinished project?damaged or incomplete considered!
fingers crossed......

Lucky@LeMans 27th August 2020 13:41

There are a couple of Karma Dino's on ebay, maybe a short term fix !

redratbike 27th August 2020 18:50

2 years !! Wow I thought they had it sorted

tonyvan 27th August 2020 20:00

The karma is horrible. Why anyone would want to compromise on getting one of them is beyond me. But I guess someone may want something very remotely Dino looking

redratbike 28th August 2020 10:49


Originally Posted by tonyvan (Post 105035)
The karma is horrible. Why anyone would want to compromise on getting one of them is beyond me. But I guess someone may want something very remotely Dino looking

I think as a car the karma is ok but donít ever try and dress it up to be a Ferrari !!!

tonyvan 30th August 2020 08:23

Have you seen the price of this karma on flee bay,And what’s alarming is it hasn’t reached its reserve!!. Not trying to disrespect this car but have I missed something. Not only does it not look anything like a Dino unless u blink at it, but it is a non runner, requires a full restoration plus paint,and it still won’t resemble a Dino unless u look at it either in the dark or blink when looking at it. I think the silhouette of it is as close to a Dino as it will ever get, but from there on it’s nothing like it or even close.Still if the seller gets a good price for it then good luck to him but is this the desperation some are going to, to try own something remotely looking like a Dino.

Lucky@LeMans 30th August 2020 09:05

Have you seen the price of most older kit cars. None are cheap anymore, even the old Duttons and the like. There isn't much under £3k especially with an MOT. Most of the older kit cars aren't even registered correctly, check before you buy.

tonyvan 30th August 2020 09:47

I agree it’s gone crazy. There was a move on e-bay recently asking £12.995 �� paint job looked ok in gulf colours but was a nova at the end of the day. Someone spent very good money and time on that vehicle. Do I think it was a waisted venture? Hell yeah, maybe it’s just my take on it but I can see why people build replicas of certain cars, these things should look as close to the real thing as possible, some replicas are not and look embarrassing. I’m all for replicas but let’s not get laughed at driving very poor shoddy copies of great cars.
The Karma for one is never going to make it, so should be buried as a really bad attempt at copying such an iconic car.
Rant over lol

Lucky@LeMans 30th August 2020 16:02

Rightly or wrongly I can see these cars becoming "classics" in their own right ! This Karma ( Now bid over £5k BTW ) and cars like the Nova will never be repeated in the future. We are 20 - 30 or more years down the road from when these cars were being produced, same with the Duttons etc. There will be a demand for them and people will pay the price !! There is an old Dutton Pheaton around the corner from me, I might see if the owner will let me have it !

tonyvan 30th August 2020 17:07

That’s great because it will push the price of the better replicas up so happy days, however mine isn’t for sale.
Can’t wait to see the final price. ����

redratbike 2nd September 2020 18:02

Someone likes them

No v5 ?

tonyvan 2nd September 2020 19:49

£7.900 really!!!! ����������

thecarbuilder246 5th September 2020 11:16

Hi all
I thought Mark @ cascu was doing a run of 10 bodyshells? Then he was going back to only supplying bodyshells with a chassis. Has he sold them all? I know this covid crap has sort of messed everything up.

poser 6th September 2020 10:51

desperately seeking dino [shell]
thanks for replies....I don't know the proposed schedule at CASCU, but yes I believe the chassis model/development might be taking priority.....
I asked if I could have a shell before the end of the year [brexit] but no joy...
two years is a very long time to wait......
I may have to go to de Haviland where I think lead time is about 10 weeks, but my chassis has 2340 wheelbase, so while the CASCU shell would fit straight on, the de Haviland one [w/base 2265] would need a substantial 'cut and shut'......
my fibreglassing skills are reasonable, so I'm not phased by that....just frustrated at the perfect fit being out of reach......!!!

thecarbuilder246 6th September 2020 12:05

5 Attachment(s)
Hi there
What chassis have you got? The dehavilland chassis I think is the same wheel base as the old deon/Jhclassic one as they use the old bodyshell.I have a deon chassis and shell and I was lucky to get a cascu shell which was the last one mark made before he moved to france. I was going to build a chassis to fit the new shell based on the deon one-even made a mock up and purchased all the steel. Then mark unveiled some exciting cad drawings of a new chassis design so I'm now on the list for one of them.
I compared the cascu shell to the deon shell. There are a few small discrepancies around the doors/shape at the front of the doors but most is at the back.The wheel arches have been move 90mm forward towards the doors. And how the boot is I think they just cut 90mm out and the rebonded the back end back on. I've attached a few photo's

thecarbuilder246 6th September 2020 12:14

5 Attachment(s)
Hi again
The Bonnet on the deon is about 10/15mm longer than the cascu one. I guess this is to get it to fit with the droopy nose section? I've added another one to show size of the wheel arch to door as first one a bit unclear. Engine lid identical. A couple shows the fit of door skin and then one showing boot lid.

smash 2nd October 2020 07:53

Guessing CASCU is 246 rep whereas Deon is 206 hence shorter wheelbase and body?

Besides the longer wheelbase and body every panel on a real 246 is different to 206 apparently

rossnzwpi 21st October 2020 03:01

Cascu vs others
Yes Smash - Cascu say theirs was moulded from a genuine 246 while all the others - DGT, DeHavilland etc have their genesis in a 206 that had its wheelbase altered slightly to fit a Lotus Europa chassis. Many of those older ones seem to have developed a bit of a sag in the extremities too.

thecarbuilder246 12th February 2021 10:58

4 Attachment(s)
Hi there
Did you get any further with you search for a dino shell? Your quite right that the Jhc/Deon/DE Haviland 206 wheel base/rear wheel arch was altered to fit the Europa chassis. It was moved about 2 inch/50 mm inward towards the centre of the car. Also about 3 inch or 75mm was removed from the rear section and the boot. This may account for the rear looking odd/droopy/stumpy. The front droop varies from car to car and I'm told it was not on the original body fitted to the Europa chassis. The droopy front seems to have appeared at the time JHC had the production moulds made. Some claim it was when the floor moulding was bonded to the upper body moulding. The droopy nose also resulted in the bonnet being made 10/15mm longer on these cars.
Cascu knows the heritage of the moulds he has, and will tell you in person (I wont reveal here)and he also supplies chassis/chassis part to real Ferrari Dino owners. His interior parts/mouldings are also supplied to numerus Ferrari suppliers. I've attached a couple of photo's of cascu panels against the deon ones (mines a deon) the longer deon bonnet and boot. Engine cover is almost spot on.

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