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deggsy 25th August 2016 17:03

we have long queue's in wales

deggsy 25th August 2016 17:23

well I finally managed to get the missus to help me bleed the brakes ant they seem ok now. but my twin SU's still run quite rough.
I'm rubbish at setting these things up properly so I have decided to go for a single HS4 setup during the build just too make my life easer

I spent a few hours polishing it up this manifold will also take the HS6 carb with a bit of porting. but that's not the plan, I acquired this little gem off a friend this weekend and is jetted for a 1500 so once I have saved up enough pennies for a manifold and linkage she'll be running on a single weber 40 :eyebrows:


deggsy 29th August 2016 11:30

I took my seven out for a ride this morning the first chance I've had all summer and as usual found a few jobs need sorting there is a clicking noise coming from the front n/s when braking and she's running to rich so the tribute build will have to go on the back burner for a few days until I gat a chance to sort out the seven ho joy!

IanA 29th August 2016 12:28


Originally Posted by deggsy (Post 82172)
...I'm rubbish at setting these things up properly ...

Easy when you know how.

Check that the needles have the same markings and aren't bent and that the dashpots have fresh oil.

Remove the two pipes leading to the rocker box and point them into a handy container. Connect the two carb outlets with clear plastic tubing. Loosen the carb linkage so that the throttles can be moved independently. With the engine running, if they are out of balance you will be able to see fuel running from one carb to the other. Adjust the throttles until that doesn't happen. Tighten the linkage between. Replace the two black pipes.

For mixture, equalise the jet settings- ie same number of turns down from maximum weakness (1.5 from memory).

Then, I've always done this whilst driving, with the revs at 2000-ish, floor the pedal. The speed should pick up smoothly. If it bogs down, mixture is too rich so tighten jets ie move them up half a turn. If it coughs, mixture is too weak so loosen jets ie move them down half a turn.

That last bit probably won't work unless the engine is under load so you couldn't just set the idle speed in the garage whilst stationary and try it.

Hope this helps !!!

I've only ever tuned Webers with a Colourtune.

deggsy 29th August 2016 16:41

Thanks Ian I'm sure I'll sort them both soon???

deggsy 17th September 2016 17:06

I managed to get a few hours work done on the car this week I made up some boot supports (the original ones cut down a bit) and welded them into place.
[IMG][/IMGI also moved the steering wheel a few inches closer to the driving position the trouble with that is my home made cowling is now too short so I'll either have to make a new one or pick up a plastic one off a spitfire 1500
I am taking my seven to the Margam Park classic car show tomorrow perhaps I'll find something there?

deggsy 24th September 2016 16:37

Yesterday I decided it was time to paint the interior alloy panels (mistake)

Flatted back ready for etch priming.

The etch primer went on nicely

I lightly flatted back the etch primer ready for the main primer.
Then it all went wrong the primer reacted with the etch primer and made a horrible mess so I thought ok I'll just flat it all back again re etch prime and put the silver coat straight onto that


disaster the silver paint worked perfectly on a flat test piece but on the vertical surfaces it ran like water

So now I will have to start all over again :violin: having almost lost the will to live I gave up and am now heading for the pub to drowned my sorrows I'll be back in a few days when my hangover goes away:hurt:

Mister Towed 24th September 2016 19:20

Ooh, bad luck. Keep plugging away though, you'll get there in the end.

Paul L 25th September 2016 07:58

Deggsy - Sorry to hear about your paint problems. :icon_sad:

Without wishing to rub salt into your wounds...

Can I just ask why you didn't want to leave the alloy panels unpainted?

Good luck, Paul. :)

deggsy 25th September 2016 10:35

Paul it's much easer to keep a painted panel clean, constantly polishing alloy panels is a pain also shiny alloy panels can dazzle you when out driving on a typical British sunny day Hmm. I think I'll go for a walk now to clear my aching head.
cheers Derek

deggsy 1st October 2016 19:27

I finally managed to paint the alloy panels after much rubbing down and re painting there are still a few which I missed but they will have to stay for now (patina maybe)??
I also drilled the mounting holes for the drivers seat,:peace:

Paul L 2nd October 2016 07:44

Love the green seat. :cool:

I also think your cockpit will look better if it is not 100% perfect.

Good luck, Paul. :)

deggsy 2nd October 2016 12:47

I totally agree with you there Paul (or I'm too lazy to rub it down all over again) The green seat are good but they do limit my choice of what colour to spray the car any suggestions ???

deggsy 2nd October 2016 16:30

More photos of the seats for Flix
As I said the seats are glass fibre with wood bases I think they are available on eBay but you would need to have them professionally upholstered for the best results. I would prefer a bit more rake to the backrest but beggars can't be choosers.

Mister Towed 2nd October 2016 16:49

It's a fairly simple job to make some 'wedges' to incline the seats for a more comfortable driving position. Flatlands Engineering make them for their beach buggy kits if you'd rather buy in a purpose built part -

You might find you need thinner seat bases too or your head could stick too far up into the slipstream. That would prove very blustery around the ears and, more importantly, ruin the aerodynamics...

Oh, and I reckon that the green upholstery will work with green, black, red, white, ivory or silver paint.

deggsy 2nd October 2016 18:27

Thanks for that Mr T Those stainless wedges are very nice but the flanges may make them too wide foe my car! I expect I'll use wood wedges that way I can experiment with the angle of the dangle/ you know what I mean. As for the colour Ivory sounds like a good suggestion Hmm


Mister Towed 2nd October 2016 19:20

Ivory paint over green upholstery would be a great period choice for a Jag-a-like imho. I'd go with a green tonneau cover with white piping along the sides to complete 'the look' when it's parked up.

Mikewade 2nd October 2016 22:42


deggsy 2nd October 2016 22:57

Maybe but the boss (her indoors) is fancying buttermilk what ever that is?? I need one of those apps that let you check it all out?

Mikewade 2nd October 2016 23:07

I asked Chris for a cream gel coat, and he went with RAL 1013 (Oyster white), which I'm pleased with. But I think red seats would go best with cream? (...although mine are black).
No, it would be British racing green for me, or lotus green (with yellow stripe).

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