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Roadster 7th November 2015 20:45


Originally Posted by deggsy (Post 72436)
The nut actually fits but it doesn't tighten down on the sender it seems as if there should be a seating in the pump housing for it???

does it have the sealing washer?

deggsy 7th November 2015 23:45

Yes but even with the nut as tight as it goes the sender is still loose??

IanA 8th November 2015 00:12

Find a suitable washer to go between the nut and the sender- probably need to to be a large id with the od filed down to suit. Cut it and open it out to fit over the shoulder of the sender and under the nut, then close it as tight as possible. Then trust to Hermetite or Hylomar or your sealant of choice...

Mick O'Malley 8th November 2015 08:09

Temp Gauge Sender
PTFE tape will ensure a watertight seal.

Regards, Mick

deggsy 8th November 2015 08:40

Thanks gents I'll give it a try

deggsy 9th November 2015 09:54

Well I Tried all day yesterday to stop my leak and failed miserably so I am now reverting to plan A or was it B? separate oil and temp gauges. and it worked no leaks :lalala: so I now have an almost brand new Smiths dual gauge for sale £50 plus postage if anyone's interested?

deggsy 9th November 2015 18:53

Hold that sale after trawling the interweb for all of five minutes I found a company that sells adapters for the gauge Holden Vintage & Classics for about £7 plus vat and p&p back to plan C.

WorldClassAccident 9th November 2015 19:15

The internet is great for stuff like that. It is the electronic version of snuffling through benches and shelves full of 'stuff' and an old autojumble and finding just the thing you need.

Unfortunatly it can be just as frustrating when you know what you need but not the name for it or quite how to describe it. Even more so when you are not restoring an original but trying to modify it into something new.

I had loads of fun trying to use various motor factors websites which demand I enter my registration so they can find the right parts for my model. None in Stock is the answer to every subsequent request. I have copied the reg plate from a Z3 down the road and use that now. Still didn't work when fitting a 325 inlet onto a 328 engine but you can't win every time.

Anyway, glad you had success finding the part

deggsy 9th November 2015 19:33

I know exactly what you mean and it gets even worst a few years down the road when you need to remember what bits you used!

deggsy 11th November 2015 16:16

my adapter arrived today I eventually bought one from Moss Europe.
all nicely fitted with no leaks and my dual gauge back where it belongs.
I was then able to start her up runs fine if a little bit lumpy but what would you expect from a pair of carbs that have been in the back of the garage for ten years or so? I will either rebuild these carbs or if I can find a suitable manifold (cheap) I have a Weber 32/36 I could use (much easier to setup than a pair of SU's)

Mick O'Malley 12th November 2015 08:04

Spitfire IV Tacho
Ha ha, the Spitfire tacho in my Marlin looks looks that on cold mornings!

deggsy 12th November 2015 10:04

My garage is a tin box and can get a little damp condensation etc.

deggsy 16th November 2015 16:27

My powervamp battery is now installed and tested I was a little bit worried about it as it is only 20 amp, but it spins the engine and starts up fine even with my doggy carbs.
The bulkhead was a bit high so I made some card templates off the body and cut the ally to fit [the body is in a lockup about 1/2 mile away good exercise for me apparently yuk!)
the body should sit on it nicely now?
I have decided to re-modify the roll over hoops again they are too upright and there will be a big gap between them and the bulkhead and it don't look right of course I'll then have to change the seats as well to get a better seating position I'll get it right one day.

Mister Towed 16th November 2015 17:34


Originally Posted by deggsy (Post 72592)
My powervamp battery is now installed and tested I was a little bit worried about it as it is only 20 amp, but it spins the engine and starts up fine even with my doggy carbs.

Doggy carbs? Do you find they run a bit... ruff? :drum:

deggsy 16th November 2015 18:01

Just a little

deggsy 22nd November 2015 15:56

Yesterday my new indicator switch arrived off a LHD car but fits and works fine. So today I decided to sort out the auto cancelling. I am using a aftermarket steering wheel and boss there are no lugs on it for the auto cancelling hmmm.
I drilled two 3mm holes
and then made two lugs also with 3mm holes drilled into them
these will then be held in place spring with roll pins and pu adhesive or similar and will look like this when finished
PS I just found a tiny leek from my brake master cylinder :doh:

deggsy 28th November 2015 14:27

I made this steering column cowl yesterday I will probably paint it black tp match the dash?

The next job will be my leaking brake master cylinder I can't decide weather to rebuild or replace £10 or£70 Hmmm? I've never had much luck with the rebuild kits? I am planning on going to the Malvern Auto jumble tomorrow maybe I'll find a cheap replacement. :eusa_boohoo:

deggsy 1st December 2015 10:58

Well I never made it too Malvern (rubbish weather I stayed in bed) so I sent for a new master cylinder which should arrive tomorrow I'll get it sorted this week end. Not much happening then until after Xmas life keeps getting in the way??

deggsy 7th December 2015 21:25

I managed to get a bit of work done this weekend I have started on the engine bay panels a bit fiddly to bend as the main panel is big and awkward they will need to be easily removable to access the engine I am aiming for seven bolts? I am hoping to incorporate the inner wing arches into them but if that don't work I will have to make glass arches fixed to the bonnet that close down on to the lip of the engine bay panels? If anyone any other Ideas please let me know.





deggsy 17th December 2015 16:56

The steering cowl has now been painted and fitted not too bad?
I have also started on the N/S engine panel come wheel arch unfortunately the 15" wheels are now fouling the back of the panel (I knew that would happen honest!) So a new job on my list is to make and fit some sliding stops to the steering rack.

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