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mcramsay 23rd January 2017 19:00

New registration
So after 3 years I finally managed to get my brand new plates made for the sportster

I'm skiing in France at the moment but hopefully first trip out on Sunday!!!

molleur 23rd January 2017 20:49


Chris Cussen 24th January 2017 11:14


Mike 24th January 2017 20:55

Well done! - particularly as you are the first E39 based to complete.

Do let us know how that rear end suspension compares to the E30/36.

peterux 25th January 2017 16:55

Congratulations and well done finishing your Sportster!!

How did you wangle a new registration??

MartinClan 26th January 2017 07:58

Great -fantastic.

And, from someone who will be crossing the registration bridge quite soon, I also would like to know how you got that new registration :-)

mcramsay 28th January 2017 17:51

I simply sent away all the documentation the DVLA asked for, :). Just home from skiing, and have the plates in hand ready to fit tomorrow.... I'm actually scared to drive the thing. 3 years of hearing the M3 lump tick over in the garage is all of a sudden going to turn into hearing it under load whilst driving! I've never driven a 320+ BHP engine never mind in a kit car weighing much less than a standard car!

Rickard 29th January 2017 15:58

Well done - yes it is going to be very interesting to hear from you how you feel and experince the "monster" :heh: :shock: :twitch:

Patrick 7th February 2017 21:28

This should be rather exciting with that much power :D It feels fairly swift with the 2.8 M20 stroker and you've got a good 120-130bhp more! Let us know how it goes :)

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