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Lucky@LeMans 8th April 2021 13:26

Good luck with that one ! There are so many sevenesque designs out there both past and present, its pretty much a generic shape in its own right now. The Westfield situation proved a point and set a precedent, all that was back in the 1980's !. A few slight changes by Westfield and all was good, I don't think there are any like for like copies out there apart from those " pre litigation" cars prior to that case.

Mitchelkitman 8th April 2021 17:49


Originally Posted by Dpaz (Post 106273)
I seem to recall a while ago that the new owner of Lotus was going to get stroppy with Seven forgeries. It does seem a bit of a cheat to copy someone else's design rather than design your own. Says he with a LocUst!

Do you mean the new owner of Caterham? The comments above are of relevance. I can't imagine anyone being able to prohibit the competitive manufacture of 'a 4 wheeled car with front cycle wings and a flat screen.' The Westfield case was a little different, being almost identical, and ISTR they used the word 'Seven', but I could be wrong.

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