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Simon E 7th December 2020 19:03

Z3GT Coupe rear end plus Kobra front end?
Z3GT Coupe rear end plus Kobra front end - I think it would look stunning but others, maybe including Chris at Tribute, may think it would look like a dog's dinner!

I love the look of the Kobra front and was always a fan of the Cobras with the long hardtop as seen raced at Goodwood over the last few Revivals. I think the Z3GT rear and Kobra front would really work....could anybody do a photoshop mock up???

My 73 year old Dad has a 1999 2l Z3 and would love something like this, I think!

WorldClassAccident 9th December 2020 17:52

You can't go sticking the front end of one car onto the back end of another can you?

WorldClassAccident 9th December 2020 17:55

Something wrong with my photo host - there should be the same car but with a SWB nose shown below

Simon E 9th December 2020 18:02

Ha ha! I can see them, so WCA you wouldn't in theory be against a Z3GT rear and Kobra front????:thumb:

WorldClassAccident 11th December 2020 12:15

And so can I now. I know that you are not the only person who is thinking about pick'n'mix front and rears.

I have been approached about selling my SWB bonnet as it is a modified special to fit to the normal Z3 doors rather than ones with skins on.

Munky 17th December 2020 12:02

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How about the new GT front with a new db4 style rear - like the db4 GT?

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