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Drummajor 31st March 2020 19:25

LED repeaters
Hi guys
Iím stuck ! I have purchased and fitted some small LED repeaters and I have also installed a 6 ohm resister in the circuit .
They are not working .
Am I missing something ?
The old bulb type repeaters work fine so I know the wiring is good .
The front and back repeaters work , just not the side LEDís

Please help

Lucky@LeMans 31st March 2020 19:38

Have you tried the wires around the other way ? LED's are biased and need to be wired the correct way round unlike filament bulbs which don't matter.
On my TR250 I fitted an adjustable flasher relay ( ebay item about £5 ). This allowed filament bulbs and LED's on the same circuit to function, the adjustable knob on the relay setting the flashing speed. No need to fit extra resistors either.

Grey V8 Pete 31st March 2020 21:36

If using the original flasher unit you only need the resistor with your main flasher lamps if those have been changed to LEDs, for the flasher to work. However if you have only fitted the LED repeaters they should be connected in parallel with the the 12v “flash” wire to the main bulbs. By adding the (unnecessary) resistor you have probably dropped the voltage to the point that the repeater LED wont function. However still check polarity as mentioned above. Annoyingly I have seen LED repeaters with either white or black tails needing to be 12v +ve. There doesn't seem to be a firm standard applied, especially if the lamps are from overseas. Peter.

casamolino 1st April 2020 18:06

Good evening DM , not all LED`s are polarity conscious and so it may be your issue is the resistor , i have recently purchased these ,

all the best Geoff .

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