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GttNz 10th May 2014 05:35

Seat Choices
Hi All,

I'm just starting on a GTT build and would appreciate anyone's thoughts/experiences in what choice I have regarding seats.

I have spoken to Chris and he's keen on Recaro but I was thinking more along the lines of some used OEM seats and if necessary re-furbishing them in a light leather to match the interior.

I have the approximate dimensions from Chris, know the mounts are Recaro spacing, they have to tilt and I gather there's not a huge amount of height to play with so not too many goodies under the seat - heat/cooling etc.

I see someone has used S2000 seats - anyone used any others?



EddyP 11th May 2014 21:19

Hi Andy,

Recaros are a good choice and what I have in my car, mine are the Sportline model which I then had retrimmed to match.
Similar seats were fitted to Mitsubushi Evos, but they didn't have the optional lever to tilt forward which is useful.

I also for a while half owned the Black car which had S2000 seats in, the downside to the S2000 seats is they don't tilt forward enough to get to the area behind, which is a very useful space for luggage. I have an S2000 as my daily driver too and they are very nice comfy seats.

It's the tilting part that you'll find hard, as pretty much every sports car doesn't need access behind the seats. Perhaps 911/944/924 seats might be an exception to that?

Other thing to consider is, if you can find them in the right trim colour for what you want it'll save you quite a bit, my recaros cost £500 to have retrimmed, and that was + materials, at around £250, so about £750, just to trim a pair of seats, and thats a cheap price!

GttNz 12th May 2014 20:05

Ed, thanks for the info & quick post I'll try to get some measurements of some Porsche options before falling back to Recaro as a back up. I hadn't thought re-trimming would be quite that expensive either so I'll factor that in - thanks.

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