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dcteague 28th April 2020 17:54

Is Bertini Still Operating?
Was looking around and saw at one point the last of the Bertini bodies had been sold and then saw a transfer of ownership but I've not seen much chatter about the kits in the market.

dcteague 28th April 2020 18:00

found them - and am thrilled its still in operation.

Mitchelkitman 1st August 2020 14:27

That's good - they are a quality offering. Some have criticised the styling (saying they think front wings are too high) but IMHO they look just right - I wonder if the detractors have seen the car in real life, or are just going by photos? Unfortunately some cars (especially with photos taken with wide-angle lenses as fitted to most phones!) take on an appearance which makes them look bulbous at the front - also if people take the photo from very low down! Years ago an aquaintence saw a feature on Top Gear about kit cars and commented that all the cars 'had big fronts' and wouldn't be convinced that this was the wide angle (in this case fish-eye) lens being used. To showcase cars as 'nearest to reality' rather than 'artistic' photos the camera needs to have a focal length 50-60mm and be at staning eye-height (human, not grasshopper :icon_wink: )

IanA 25th November 2021 15:38

There were 4 at Stoneleigh (with space for a 5th?).
I didn't know that many had been built...

Lucky@LeMans 25th November 2021 16:08

There was space for 100's ! Sorry but I can't help myself, I have never seen such a poor attendance at Stoneleigh.
Has there been any word from the organisers about the show, will it be on next year ?

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