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Cees Bakker 12th September 2018 18:22

Take today the ECU out. Looking for more power/torq/rev.

limpabit 13th September 2018 05:47

Depends on what enginec you have currently and your target power.

Money spent on upgrades v power gain

Cees Bakker 13th September 2018 08:15

From 215ps per 1000kg till 243ps per 1000kg

limpabit 13th September 2018 17:29

I'm guessing K series.

This site gives you an idea of upgrades, power and prices.

But looks like £2100 for a 30 BHP increase!

Cees Bakker 13th September 2018 18:40

Get 18 to 20 ps more around 24 more torq and 250 rev. It is the max. Take the chip out of the ECU and let it reprogram . Reprogram cost € 399

Cees Bakker 16th September 2018 15:24

Test drive: yes more power and torq

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