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mcramsay 30th December 2017 16:56

5 series sportster builders - double check your fuel tank
Evening all,

I think I am the only 5 series sportster on the road at the moment but hopefully this will help any one currently building. Over the summer when driving the car I could hear a metallic scrape / thud when going over pot holes, I checked every single thing I could think of but could never find the culprit. I just put it down to the suspension making noises.

However I removed the rear body and fuel tank this afternoon to do my fuel system upgrades and think I may have found the culprit. I found a witness mark on the drivers side front of the fuel tank, and also a corresponding mark on the rear anti-roll bar. It looks like the roll bar has been hitting the fuel tank when the suspension is absorbing bumps.

Luckily it looks like I found it in time, I expect it would have rubbed through the tank in a few more hundred miles.

Not sure if this is purely down to my positioning of the fuel tank as I did pack it with rubber around the edges to keep it secure. Most likely it’s isolated to my build but it is worth checking!

I don’t think it’s a major issue that will require any modifications if only taking a small bit of metal off the antiroll bar where it’s fouling.

Just thought I would let those building know as it’s a lot of work to go back and drop out the fuel tank!

ChrisS 29th January 2018 10:52

Thanks for the heads up Craig. Mounted my fuel tank a few weeks ago. Looks OK to me, just, but will keep an eye on it.
Seem to remember reading that the e39 could have different diameter anti roll bars, albeit thee is enough variation in types for some to get away with it.

mcramsay 29th January 2018 21:15

My rollbar is around 12mm diameter, I put the tank back in over the weekend, I found that it didn’t fit into the brackets too well which was allowing it to
Move around when full of fuel. I’ve added a few packing pieces to help hold the tank in a better position.

Seems to have enough clearance now so no big issues!

ChrisS 31st January 2018 13:42

Mine is 11mm, which probably accounted for the tape wrapped round it inside the bushes when the donor was stripped.

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