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zxrjon 18th June 2018 20:47

New kit car
Good evening all.
I've been a member for a while, as I've been looking for a project for a while. I've seen a few, but nothing that gripped me.
Enter the Zonda inspired replica on eBay.....last night I won it!!
So the task of tidying up, fixing and fitting things and eventually getting it road registed will begin.
I'm a novice to this sort of thing, but have spent the last 15 years building and tuning race bikes, having competed myself on a lot of them to much success. I just fancied a long term project to keep me occupied.
I'll no doubt be asking a few questions so will say thank you in advance. :dance:

Mitchelkitman 18th June 2018 21:19

I looked but can't find it - have you a link?

zxrjon 18th June 2018 21:23


EBay item number

Mister Towed 19th June 2018 06:17

Definitely has potential to look fantastic. Good luck with the project, will be watching with interest.

Ebay link went to the car, but the 'see original listing' tab took me to a ruddy great tent for £1500+ instead.

keith 19th June 2018 06:37

Great project could look superb!

zxrjon 19th June 2018 09:55


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 95619)
Definitely has potential to look fantastic. Good luck with the project, will be watching with interest.

Ebay link went to the car, but the 'see original listing' tab took me to a ruddy great tent for £1500+ instead.

A tent you say :eusa_think: I might need that.
The guy I got it from has spent years doing it up from scratch and then lost interest.... I'm hoping I don't find something and think "ah, that's why he sold it"
It needs setting up, so any recommendations appreciated, especially if it's around Peterborough area.
Body work sanding down and spraying... I'm thinking gloss black.
A few bits to sort out here and there.
Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. I live in a town called Bourne and if anyone is close by and wants to look and advise me, especially on the road registering of it, the kettle will be on.

oxford1360 19th June 2018 11:25

What do you plan to do with it? I guess IVA is your target. Make sure you start a build thread. We like pictures.

zxrjon 19th June 2018 11:46

As with most things I do, I'll do it up make it look nice, hopefully register it (this will be the main objective of the project), drive it around for a bit and then sell it.
I'm 45, love learning useful things, engineering and mechanical wise anyeay, and like doing things up. I have to keep my mind occupied.
I will take pictures as I go along and probably pop them on a desperate thread.

oxford1360 19th June 2018 11:51

The reason I ask is that I am interested in how challenging it will be to get it registered, i.e. successfully through an IVA inspection.
It doesn't strike me that the original builder had this in mind so it will be a great success for you when you do.

Mitchelkitman 19th June 2018 12:24

I was also wondering how it would go through IVA - You may have to strip it and rebuild (taking photos) so as to convince the DVSA that it's an amateur build. It may be worth contacting them (or DVLA) for guidance before completing it and then finding this is the case.

zxrjon 19th June 2018 15:36

There's a massive amount of media, pictures and proof that the car is a one off amature build.
i'll definitely contact the DVSA though, thank you.

Mitchelkitman 19th June 2018 16:00

They DVLA/DVSA are interested whether you've 'paid' someone to do the work to date (I also think it's a crazy stance), but it seems the 'proof' is in the photos provided to show you've built it yourself. It seems this situation has arisen because some professionals in the past have built cars as amateur builds. When I had to produce every scrap of paper/receipt for parts I'd used for my kit build, I have to say it made me feel I was being treated as a criminal! Maybe I'm paranoid?

Paul L 19th June 2018 17:31

zxrjon Ė Welcome to the forum John. :cool:

This thread is a very comprehensive guide to passing BIVA with lots of practical examples:

The fact this Popís rear wing has now passed BIVA is a promising sign for your build.

Good luck, Paul. :)

zxrjon 19th June 2018 17:57


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 95637)

Is this the Nick Truman car linked in the video you have bought ?

Yes, that is correct

zxrjon 19th June 2018 18:32

it's exactly as it was a few years ago as far as i can tell from forum pictures to the pictures Nick has sent me. i pick it up Thursday.
He really seems a lovely, genuine guy. He's been very helpful.
It's running an Audi A8 3.7 twin hydrid turbo set up instead of the v12 he had in it.
this is how the car is now

zxrjon 25th June 2018 15:51

I thought i'd update this thread.

after a few PM's from people that seemed to know the car and the gentleman that built it, and showed me threads with a few things regarding it, i have declined to go through with the sale.
i think the nail in the coffin for it was when the DSVA got back to me on a few forwarded pictures, saying "from the evidence put forward, and which would form part of the cars provenance, it is doubtful it would pass an IVA test".
The DVSA and DVLA have been remarkably helpful with information and websites though.

I will continue with my search for a kit car project....more than likely along the lines of a Dino, of which i will let you know and start a seperate thread.

Thank you to everyone :)

micky1mo 13th July 2018 17:33

The car is now back on E-Bay :icon_frown:

I still think this will make a great project for some one with plenty of time, effort, skill and enthusiasm ! :biggrin:

oxford1360 13th July 2018 19:21

My eyes hurt each time I see it.

lancelot link 13th July 2018 19:50

I'M WITH OXFORD I'M AFRAID ... I'm not feeling the love ...

micky1mo 16th July 2018 13:42

For the right price I think it'll be an interesting project. :flypig:

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