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froggyman 14th October 2012 16:42

Can this be anything other than faulty parts?

Yes definitely poor quality rubber to perish that quick. As these rubbers will now under newish regulations fail the MOT, replacement rubbers are available and may be easier than getting them exchanged.
Good to see you are moving forward with your Sammio again.

GazDavies 14th October 2012 17:07


Originally Posted by cbjroms (Post 36189)
Whilst admiring my handywork I thought back to Mr T's thread and remembered that he had lowered his radiator to prevent it fouling the bonnet. I have concentrated in getting my radiator in the same place as it would be on the Herald. So will it foul the bonnet? Cannot recall any of the other build threads talking about the Herald radiator?

I used the herald radiator and yes it will foul the bonnet if left in the normal position. I think that I lowered it by about 3 inches but cant remember the exact figure, sorry. Once it is lowered, the cap will no longer be the highest point on the system so you will need some sort of expansion tank, which most people have placed where the heater used to be as it is convenient although as with all things Sammio, there is no right or wrong.

cbjroms 12th May 2014 13:53

1 Attachment(s)
Have made little, if any, progress in 2013 my build is now back underway.

I decided to get to the chassis/frame running before fixing the body. Last couple of weeks have seen the engine running very sweetly and so I was planning to fix the body over the weekend. Then I found that the brake master cylinder is too tall - can't remember noting this on other build threads?

Attachment 1265

Anyone recommend a suitable remote master cylinder replacement?



Paul L 12th May 2014 15:17

Chris - This upgraded m/c has been used by a few people...

I've actually got a brand new one in a box "somewhere" that I will not need.

As by using the Spitfire bulkhead on my Cordite I can keep the original "tandem" m/c.

PM me if you are interested and no hard feelings if you want to use something else.

Cheers, Paul. :)

cbjroms 27th September 2014 15:29

Whilst I am doing some surgery to the main tub, I decided to get matters underway with the DVLA to see what would happen.

2 weeks ago I submitted my old V5, the relevant form and Sammio receipt. Today I received a new V5 in the post which records that my car is a Triumph Sammio.

Back in the garage again this afternoon to wrestle with some more fibreglass work. Guess those outriggers can fall-off now!


garyh 27th September 2014 16:17

Did you send photos? And was the receipt for the sammio letterheaded? and you could post some pics of what you have done...

Psycho pops 27th September 2014 16:32

I have a registered "Triumphsammiospyder" but need it to return to a Triumph Herald in order to be able to export it to France, I wonder how easy the reversal process would be. (Must be a recognised mark for export seemingly.)
With hindsight I would never have registered it but at the time was an achievement taking it for its inspection..
Guess depends on the picture process, can show my build in reverse order..

cbjroms 27th September 2014 17:11

No photos, just the receipt that I was given by Gary when I purchased the kit.

Cant scan anything at the moment. But I completed the V627/1 saying that all the major components had come from the donor. There is only a single line for Chassis/Bodyshell and I put my chassis number into that.

Page 2 of the V627/1 asks about the Original Parts not used: Body panels including doors, bonnet, boot lid and rear cockpit have been sold as spares.

Page 2 Other information: V5C for Reg No ****** is attached. Vehicle is owned by me and SORN. Invoice from Sammio Motor Co is attached. Company is no longer trading.

Page 2 Additional Notes: Sammio Motor Company was a supplier of replacement body panels to fit Triumph Herald cars. This bodywork swapped car is called a Sammio Spyder. It is not a kit car - only the external body panels are changed. It is not a replica but is made to resemble a 1950s Italian Sports Car.

Hope this helps.


Paul L 27th September 2014 18:04

Chris - Thanks for the V5C details. :cool:

Obviously, your experience is completely different to what I was told to do. :rolleyes:

So I think I might fill in the forms and send my paperwork off next week, rather than wait until the bodyshell is bonded on.

Good luck, Paul. :)

oxford1360 27th September 2014 19:00

Chris, would you be prepared to let those of us who are about to register have your regisration number? We can then cite it. Your path seems so straightforward. A precedent is a powerful thing.

Paul L 29th September 2014 07:22


Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 60019)
Chris, would you be prepared to let those of us who are about to register have your regisration number? We can then cite it. Your path seems so straightforward. A precedent is a powerful thing.


swifty 29th September 2014 21:19

Chris on page 2 it asks for year in which rebuilt by you so i assume you put a current date and photos of the body on the chassis but it does not mention about being roadworthy, did the photos show your car virtually roadworthy?

Paul L 29th September 2014 21:25

Swifty - I've spent a lot of time today pulling together photos and words to cover my build, as that is what I was specifically asked to do.

But reading the above, Chris didn't need to send any photos of his car at all! :eek:


Originally Posted by garyh (Post 60007)
Did you send photos?...


Originally Posted by cbjroms (Post 60011)
No photos, just the receipt that I was given by Gary when I purchased the kit...

Which is why I am following this thread very closely, as I am planning to send my paper work in as soon as I can pull it all together.

Cheers, Paul. :)

cbjroms 30th September 2014 16:11

Am away at the moment hence the slow response.

I am not sure about my Reg Number being quoted as a precedent because a) it should not make any difference and b) if it does then I end up on DVLA's list of trouble-makers!

The thing to remember with matters such as this is that you are dealing with civil servants who just want forms to be clear and answers predictable. The more superfluous info that you give them the more they feel that they have to examine it in great detail to avoid being caught out. I was one for 20 years and know how the systems struggles when it does not receive yes/no answers. And if you do happen to ask a civil servant what info they need to make a decision then they will ask for absolutely everything that may possibly be in existence - just in case. Always better to have info and not use it than not have it at all!!

All that I did was to complete the form as simply as possible. All the key parts of my Sammio came from donor. So that's what I said on the form. I sold the body panels such as doors, bonnet & boot then replaced them with Sammio body panels. So that's what I said on the form.

Fill the form in as I did and the outcome is assured. No photos or extra details are necessary and they will beg more questions. So KISS.


Paul L 30th September 2014 19:36

Chris - Your insight does explain the "non answers" I've had to all my specific written questions. :icon_sad:

Unfortunately my reg. number is now in the system and I have been told to supply photos.
( Hope to take the final ones I need tomorrow. )

So I hope everyone else will follow your example and not mine. :rolleyes:

Cheers, Paul. :)

garyh 30th September 2014 19:59

Yep... KISS

cbjroms 4th December 2014 18:33

I have been spending lots of time in the garage recently and have now sorted the exhaust and dome some surgery on the body to get it looking more symmetrical and almost got it to the point where it is ready to be bonded on. Copied a few tricks from others and have introduced a couple of my own ideas. Keep meaning to take some photos but haven't had the chance.

Final 'check' before fitting the body permanently into position is the rear wheel arches. Car is currently sitting on 13" donor wheels and the wheel arch gap is too big. But I am planning to copy Trevor (earlier of this parish, who collected his kit at the same time as me and finished some time ago!) and fit 14" wheels. Think he fitted 165/70/14 and don't recall he had any problems with the tyres touching on full lock. Looking at some 14" Minilights on Ebay which have the correct PCD and are available in a variety of offsets.

Do 14" wheels make sense to any of you guys out there?



swifty 4th December 2014 18:48

Yes they certainly make the car look better if you check out my thread and others you will see the difference the 14 inch rims make although i still had to alter the rear arches to a symmetrical curve and am in no doubt the front arches will require further surgery but overall to me the 14 inch looks better than the standard 13 inch rims but at the end of the day it's down to what you like the look of.

Look forward to see some pics.

Viatron 4th December 2014 19:03

And that tyre size is fine, don't whatever you do fit 185/70 R14s there too big and you will end up buying a new set of tyres at 165/70 R14....ask me how I know :-(


swifty 4th December 2014 19:11

I have the 185 70 14 fitted and that must be why i was unable to fit a floor mounted pedal box like you have mac, but they do look good.

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