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Viatron 4th December 2014 19:13

Tony I have (until tomorrow) a set of 185/70 14's and they do just clear the master cylinders but its just too close for comfort, and bear in mind I moved my bulkhead back!


swifty 4th December 2014 20:11

cbjroms This may be of interest to you for tyre size etc, there's also a speedo re calculator.

Mister Towed 4th December 2014 20:59

175/80/14's fit mine fine front and rear.

I did move the front bulkhead back 20mm and bash them in with a lump hammer though. 175/70/14's should be a good fit but don't quite fill the arches like the 80 profiles do though. You can clearly see the difference in looks between mine (when it was on 70 profiles) and Phil and Barry's cars on 80's in this picture -

swifty 4th December 2014 21:25

Good comparison photo Mrt it's only in the flesh that you can see how they look, are all three cars on 14 inch rims, the green sammio looks to be on larger rims but it may be the angle deception of the photo?

Mister Towed 4th December 2014 22:08

All on 14's but I believe Phil's (green) Spyder is on 5.5" wide while mine is on 4.5" wide while all are on 175's. Not sure about wheel width on Barry's blue one. The main differences on that pic are the tyre aspect ratios, 70's on mine and 80's on the other two, and suspension settings, mine was lowered much more than either of the others at the time.

I'm usually a fan of Autobahn Scraping suspension but it was this picture that prompted me make the change to higher profile tyres and less slammed springs as I felt the other two cars just looked better than mine at that ride height.

Here's another shot from a different angle which also captures the difference -

phil9 5th December 2014 04:56


Originally Posted by swifty (Post 61820)
Good comparison photo Mrt it's only in the flesh that you can see how they look, are all three cars on 14 inch rims, the green sammio looks to be on larger rims but it may be the angle deception of the photo?

yes towed right... green car 5.5 72 spock blue 4.5 60

davecymru 5th December 2014 08:17

I had 165/80/15 on my Spyder and while they did look _cool_ they were (i have to admit) a bit too big!

I always said i'd go for 14" on the next build and i've gone for 175/70/14 for the Miglia and so far they cause a _lot_ less problems!! :)

cbjroms 10th December 2014 18:12

So if I go for the 165/70/14 tyres then I just need to make sure that the wheels have the correct (ie 95.25mm PCD).

What difference does the wheel thickness make? Not sure whether to go for 5.5 of 6. This must have an impact on the wheel's ability to clear the bulkhead?



cbjroms 15th December 2014 14:22

5 Attachment(s)
Grateful for all the answers above and I am now able to add some photos which summarise my progress to date.

First shows the shorter, Sammio outriggers and bracket to support the exhaust system.

Attachment 1773

Rear lip after major surgery and with slots for the seatbelt buckles.

Attachment 1774

I have bonded some webs into the top of the shell so that I can bolt these through the frame when the body is in situ. Including a couple at the back which will be bolted through the outriggers.

Attachment 1775

Side and front webs.

Attachment 1776

Not a very clear shot but trying to show the major hump surgery that I decided needed to be done.

Attachment 1777

Paul L 15th December 2014 16:14

CJ - Good to see some photos. :cool:

Was the major hump surgery to align them with the seats?

Good luck, Paul. :)

cbjroms 15th December 2014 18:24

Hi Paul,

Considered hump surgery to align with seats but could not work-out a solution that would have looked correct. Probably why Gary put them where they are in the first place!

But a straight line across the front of the 2 humps was nowhere near perpendicular and the cockpit edge in way of the humps was very rough. So I thought that I would 'kill 2 birds....' but it involved quite alot of work.

Other problem is that the passenger hump is somewhat shorter the the one on the driver's side. So that still needs attention.


cbjroms 5th April 2015 15:00

3 Attachment(s)
Have just fitted my brand new 14" alloys and put the body in-situ.

Attachment 2198

Attachment 2199

Attachment 2200

Now to decide whether I need to adjust the wheel arch to decrease the gap between tyre and arch.

Looking at other cars I think that it would look better if I did some surgery!


Paul L 5th April 2015 18:34

Chris Nice wheels. :cool:

Ive got a similar set, but in 13, that came with my donor.

At some point I think I will have to adjust all four of my wheel arches too.

Good luck, Paul. :)

cbjroms 11th April 2015 17:18

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks Paul,

The wheels do look nice but I have decided to do some wheel arch modifications.

So 10 minutes with the grinder and the familiar cut & shut work starts again. This is the near side positioned today and will now do the offside before getting everything glassed into place.

Attachment 2243


garyh 11th April 2015 18:15

That's done the trick.

reneanglia 11th April 2015 20:11


Mr T.You never told us you competed in the highland games?:razz:

8 Valve Ed 11th April 2015 20:18


Mister Towed 12th April 2015 09:21

Yes, should've mentioned it really but I always find it handy to keep a caber in the car. You just never know when you're going to need one...

garyh 12th April 2015 10:34

instead of a jack...

Paul L 13th April 2015 18:23

Chris - How much of a gap did you leave between the tyre and the wheel arch?

Cheers, Paul. :)

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