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Ric H 29th April 2014 20:27

Stoneleigh Show
Hi all,
Not been around here much recently, I know, but still alive and kicking ;)

I'm thinking of heading to the Stoneleigh show this weekend - anyone interested? I've no particular preference between Sunday and Monday, and at the minute the weather forecast is looking pretty settled.

Excited to read about the 1.8VVC conversion - I hope to see that one there at least maybe Rich?


bigrich 29th April 2014 21:12

Sunday is my preferred day...and also fits in with AGM / trophy returning to club etc, etc.... would be great to discuss the engine conversion....and perhaps some help ironing out a couple of niggles I have with it.

Hoping to leave Crewe approx 9am, Stoneleigh for approx 10:30...


Ric H 30th April 2014 17:27

I can do Sunday. I guess a convoy drive down seems like a good idea then! Not sure I'll be able to keep up though now that you've got sticky tyres *and* a proper engine ;)

bigrich 30th April 2014 20:38


Still shaking down and going you won't be too far behind :)

Convoy sounds good, I've PM'd postcode / address etc in case you've not got them.

See you Sunday...

Any other exi's going PLEASE!!!


MadDogMoggy 1st May 2014 14:44

Hi guys,

Not been on much lately either.

Dad and I are planning on attending on Sunday, hopefully if all goes to plan, in the 5Exi! After years of saying 'We'll get there with it this year' we might actually achieve it!

I've been trying to join the owners club, but haven't heard back from them. Hopefully they'll let me join on the day!


Ric H 1st May 2014 18:36

Sounds like a plan then. See people on Sunday.


bigrich 1st May 2014 20:29

Tim ,

Will be fantastic to see you and the car at Stoneleigh....long time coming!

look forward to seeing you for membership, joining on the day is no problem.


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